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Tibetan Sea Flower Tibetan Sea Flower Part 1 (End) to Part 2 April 6, 2014 Update _ 20141217124138

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Then I leaned over and put the back of my head in front of the laser spot on her forehead. In an instant, Zhang Haixing moved away at a very fast speed. I looked at it and thought it was funny. I turned around and did a few actions that were all right. Then I pulled Zhang Haike over and did all kinds of good actions. The two of us are exactly the same. That scene must be very funny. The laser spot swam over us and finally went out, and even I breathed a sigh of relief. Zhang Haike says: "Invite your friend to come over!"! He passed the test, and he is really a very powerful person. I laughed and suddenly saw that the strong Tibetan man kneeling on one side had untied the rope by himself and sat on the sofa on one side drinking buttered tea. He said, "What's the matter?"? Fat Master, I haven't had enough fun yet. I watched in amazement as the strong man wiped the paint off his face with his clothes, and his jaw almost fell off. Hai Xing turned to me angrily. "Didn't you say I caught the wrong person?"? The two of you unite against me! The strong man put on all his makeup, tore off his beard and said to me, "tacit understanding, do you know?"? This is the tacit understanding of comrades-in-arms. Sure enough, it's a fat man. I calmed down and said, "The tacit understanding of the comrade-in-arms of the dog [Zhuo Zai I rolled up the imperial concubine] day, how can I recognize you when you dress up like this?"? But he could not show his timidity, so he laughed and patted the fat man on the shoulder. Who is that man outside the window? Zhang Haixing asked. He is the son of the hostess of my hostel. It's not a laser. It's a little toy. It's used as a teaching stick in lectures. The fat man said, "You are too confident.". My little friend is innocent and has no fighting power at all. How can I let him come alone? I've already put a crab-stealing device on him. Then the fat man took out a small thing from my pants pocket,Chinese spa manufacturer, which turned out to be the cigarette I bought in the canteen at that time. He tore off the package under the cigarette to reveal a small instrument. I can hear everything you say. Girl, you are too young to mix in this society. Go back and practice again. Zhang Haixing was so angry that her eyes turned red and she turned away. The fat man tore open the package of the cigarette case, took out the cigarette and lit it. "Women are women," he said. "You can't rely on it without stealing." Suddenly he was stunned, picked up the cigarette case again, looked at it himself,hot tub spa manufacturers, and took out something from it. What's the matter? I asked. And there's a stealer. I didn't put it there. As soon as the voice fell, countless red dots of laser sights came in from various places outside the window, and one was spotted on everyone. Uh-oh, my heart said: really [river crab] *** chaos, yellow sparrow in the back ah! Insurance measures for fat people Things happened so fast that we couldn't react. None of us dared to move. Zhang Haixing asked the fat man softly, "Did you arrange this?" "Bullshit, where can I find so many landlady's sons?" Then it's a big deal, my heart said. After a moment of stalemate, I saw two foreigners coming into the door. Two of the Germans. I didn't notice it at all before, but now when I see them come in, I realize that these two guys are really [river crabs] ***ing strong, endless swimming pool ,whirlpool hot tub spa, like cattle. Both of them were a head taller than me, with silver-gray hair and knife-like stripes on their faces. This is the face of a mountaineer. The two foreigners came in and waved their hands, and all the laser points disappeared in an instant. But I know that this doesn't mean that all the snipers have retreated. It just tells us that they are watching us. Now that the laser point has been cancelled, we don't want to know what they are doing. There must be quite a few snipers still aiming at us. Good snipers use scopes and can lock on to two targets at a time. After the Germans came in, they had been saluting us with Chinese clasped fists. One of them said in very poor Chinese: "Excuse me, excuse me, everyone sit down, everyone sit down." "I've seen too many gweilo swordsman movies." Said the fat man beside me. You two are free to go. A gweilo came up to me and Fatso and said. Ah Surprised, the fat man said, "Can we go now?" "Yes, go quickly.". "Without looking at us, the gweilo said," What's going on here has nothing to do with you, it's between me and them. " The fat man and I took one look at each other, and Zhang Haike said, "Why don't you go quickly?"? We can manage on our own. I find it very strange that I can't understand the logical relationship of this matter. The fat man grinned at me, meaning that he didn't take advantage of the bastard. Don't wait for the gweilo to go back on his word. He can go first. Fatty and I walked out of the room stiffly like a chicken pecking rice. When we came to the yard, I took one look at Fatty and said, "What should I do?"? Where are you going? "Go to your room first. It's all right here. I have communication with these Germans." Said the fat man. Did you really arrange this? I was surprised. The fat man made a gesture of not talking to me: "Don't say, it's not an arrangement, it's my insurance measure.". Fat Ye, I think there are too many risks involved this time, so I pulled the Germans into the water beforehand. It's not convenient to talk here. Go back and say it. I nodded and said that it was like I went to my friend's house to be a guest. As a result, my friend and his wife quarreled. We were very embarrassed and had to come out. When we came out, we thought: Damn it, there will be no killing of wife or husband, right? Not knowing what to do, my friend said, "Don't worry, his wife loves me.". Think about this description seems not quite right, want to listen to the fat man to explain it. The fat man and I went all the way back to the room, went in and closed the door, and I asked the fat man what was going on. The fat man said it was all right. Before he saw me, he pretended to be a shop assistant in the canteen and sold me several cartons of cigarettes with stolen [river crabs] hearing devices. Each pack of cigarettes contained stolen [river crabs] hearing devices. After that, he followed me all the way and learned a lot of my thoughts. When I was designed,outdoor hot tub, he heard all the processes clearly. And at that time he was near the Lama Temple, and as soon as he heard that they were going to try him, he immediately went back to the city and designed the game. monalisa.com

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