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Seeing Yang Zhilin resolutely shaking her head, although unwilling, Lang Yunfan said with a graceful smile: "Thank you to every brother and sister, and thank you to everyone who passed by for leaving a color in tonight's story.." I'll see you in my next funny dream. After the literary and artistic sensationalism, Lang Yunfan suddenly became serious and announced loudly: "Next, I will announce the final place of the competition.". And promulgate a mysterious reward for the first place. "I'll announce later that I'm going to challenge Jiang Lele." At that moment, a youthful figure suddenly stood out. She was Qi Yue who was inspired by Lin Yu. The beauty has finished the game according to the rules, so your challenge is late. Lang Yunfan said with some regret that refusing a beautiful woman's proposal made him very uncomfortable. It was already midnight, and although Heping Road, where the piano shop is located, borders on the bustling city, it is not well-known, so the street lights will not be turned on at midnight, causing the outside world to be dark. The literary and artistic youth gathered in the classic piano shop were disappointed because of Yang Zhilin's unkindness. But hearing that Qi Yue, who had come with him, had vowed to challenge Jiang Lele,outdoor whirlpool tub, he immediately came one by one and thought to himself that today was really wonderful. Yang Zhilin's continued refusal has made everyone extremely disappointed. Jiang Lele, who has a relatively easy-going personality, should not make everyone's heart itch, right? Sure enough! After Lang Yunfan said that the game was over. Jiang Lele walked over to Qi Yue with a smile, looked at the girl carefully, and then looked at Lin Yu again. Pondering said: "You want to find me to play the piano,endless pool swim spa, should not add some gambling?" "Oh, just add what you said you wanted to win?" Qi Yue's small temper was quickly provoked by the other side with three points of superiority, and she immediately stared back and said. It was too easy to be fooled. Lin Yu and Yang Zhilin, who saw everything in their eyes, shook their heads helplessly. All right, I'll tell you what you win. Seeing Qi Yue's innocence or foolishness in his eyes, Jiang Lele gave a light laugh and then went to his side and whispered: "It's very simple. If I win, the buttocks are easy to be cut, and the scabbard is easy to be cut."! ? "You!" Hearing Jiang Lele say this, Qi Yue was even more angry. At the moment, she wanted to kick the other party. But after gazing at her eyebrows and pondering for a moment, she gritted her teeth and said, endless swim pool ,best whirlpool tub, "All right!"! The elder sister promised you to let you lose. You start first! I'll finish it. "Oh, all right." Jiang Lele showed an elegant smile, a pair of still clear eyes intentionally or unintentionally swept Lin Yu, and then turned to walk on the catwalk to the position of the black grand piano. But after sitting on the chair, Jiang Lele suddenly looked back in the direction of several people. She felt that the girl with heavy makeup, who had always been invisible, looked familiar as if she had seen it somewhere before. But after thinking for a while, she felt that she was thinking too much, so she adjusted her breathing and prepared to enter the world of the piano. In fact, what Qi Yue said just now was just a joke made by Jiang Lele. She could see that the other party was Lin Yu's decent girlfriend, so she had a trick in her heart. For the feelings of Jiang Lele is very light, basically as a game to treat, so not to a Lin Yu to die to live. Her favorite is music. When he carefully stroked the piano keys with a sad face and played the piano version of Butterfly Lovers. For a time, the whole hall of the piano shop seemed to fly into a pair of colorful butterflies playing and chasing each other. True art resonates through the soul. There is no doubt that Jiang Lele has achieved the four words of touching people's hearts through the most classic love in ancient China. Chapter 142 only mother is good in the world. When it comes to love legends, Chinese people are probably most fond of talking about the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. The love story of Butterfly Lovers originated in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and has evolved into the most touching love story in China. Jiang Lele's solo version of "Butterfly Lovers" easily pulled everyone's thoughts into the sad and beautiful love. Far away, Altair, Jiao Jiao River, Han Nu. Yingying is speechless in the water. They all seem to have returned to the age of blue and white clothes and tasted the beauty of defects. After playing the last few scales, the eyes of many girls present had been hung with a faint haze, which was obviously really touching. After playing, Jiang Lele, who put himself into the music world, looked up and took a deep breath before he gradually recovered. Looking back at the challenger Qi Yue with a smile, "My performance is over, and it's your turn to play next.". Let me remind you that everyone here is basically a professional. After she said that, she walked gracefully into the bar and drank a glass of lemonade before she looked at Qi Yue carefully with interest. For Lin Yu's girlfriend, Jiang Lele still likes her very much. She thinks the girl is as pure as crystal. The eyes are so clear that they do not contain a trace of impurities, which is not easy in today's impetuous society. On the other side, Qi Yue was a little strange anyway. She first stared at the piano, then shook her head and frowned at Lin Yu and said timidly, "I'm afraid, little Yuzi.". My heart is beating hard. What are you afraid of? Who are you? How can you be afraid if you are Qi Yue? Lin Yu comforted with a smile. Then he went to the front of the bar and asked Jiang Lele for paper and pen to write carefully on the paper. After a while, the white paper was covered with dense words. After finishing this step, Lin Yu walked slowly up to the girl with a smile on his lips and gave her a big hug. He relaxed and said, "We are just entertaining. Don't be nervous, just like in your own home.". Do what I say and you will win. Are you sure? How do I feel.. It could be humiliating! Qi Yue looked at Lin Yu with an innocent look. Even if it's embarrassing, it's all right. Few people here know us anyway. Lin Yu said indifferently. That won't do! The guy said the condition was to win you. If I lose,Whirlpool bathtub, you'll be taken away. Gap embedded consumption Xian copy P Xin Shu D meter umbrella! Stretch Zhong Huai Zhi Department Nao Straw Cattle Duty Participant Kao Serves Tiao Tiao? After taking the piece of paper, Qi Yue tilted her head and glanced at it, then went to the piano and sat down timidly. monalisa.com

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