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The reborn childe should not be close to the heart.

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Out of the woods, there was a long and wide slope in front of them, and everyone galloped more happily. Suddenly, Ling Xuejun heard a horse's neigh behind her, and heard Luo Yinshuang's "oops" scream, followed by the sound of someone falling to the ground. She hurriedly turned her head to look, only to see Luo Yinshuang originally riding a horse kneeling on the ground, and her whole person has fallen to the ground, a face of pain. Deng Anning had stopped his horse and was looking at Luo Yinshuang with a panicked face. Startled, she cried out, "No, Yin Shuang fell down!" Then he pulled back the reins and stopped the horse. At the same time, Ling Yurou and Zhang Wenyi also stopped the horse. Several people jumped off the horse and hurried to see Luo Yinshuang. At this time, Luo Yinshuang fell to the ground and was lying on the ground. Deng Anning was supporting her and asked anxiously, "Yin Shuang, what's wrong with you?" "My feet hurt!" Luo Yinshuang said painfully. Zhang Wenyi and Deng Anning are also from the family of generals, and they know a little about injuries from falls. The two men looked at Luo Yinshuang's injuries together, then looked at each other and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Miss Zhang, how is Yin Shuang? Ling Yurou asked anxiously. Zhang Wenyi said: "Fortunately, only when I landed, my left ankle was sprained.". I'll see if her foot is badly hurt. With these words, he gently pinched the ankle of Luo Yinshuang's left foot. Sister Wenyi,4 person jacuzzi, don't move! It hurts! Cried Luo Yinshuang. Zhang Wenyi quickly released his hand and said, "It seems that Yin Shuang, you can't go on any more. You can only go back." "I'm going back!" Luo Yinshuang, while breathing, said, "I can't say, eldest brother insisted that I come, let me take care of the jade." Speaking of this,whirlpool bathtub, Luo Yinshuang seemed to realize something, looked up at Ling Yurou, and swallowed the words behind him. Although Luo Yinshuang did not finish her words, Ling Xuejun and Ling Yurou both knew that she meant that Luo Lin asked her to help take care of Ling Yurou. When Ling Yurou heard this, a sense of guilt arose spontaneously. Ling Xuejun took a sensitive look at Zhang Wenyi and Deng Anning, and saw that neither of them seemed to recognize the meaning of Luo Yinshuang's words, and then he was relieved. If before Luo Lin and Ling Yurou are engaged, what bad words come out and affect their marriage, it will not be good. At this time, Zhang Wenyi also said: "Now Yin Shuang this situation, her horse is also injured, she certainly can not ride by herself, only I take her back.". One of the two Ling girls went back with me to take care of me on the way. Another man went to Jiulipo with Anning to look for Luo Da's son and told him about Yin Shuang's injury. Speaking of this, Zhang Wenyi looked at Ling Xuejun and Ling Yurou and said, "You can discuss who will go back with me and who will go to find Mr. Luo?" Because Ling Yurou felt guilty about Luo Yinshuang and wanted to take care of her, jacuzzi manufacturers ,garden jacuzzi tub, she said, "Miss Zhang, I'll go back with you to take care of Yinshuang." "Good." Zhang Jiyi nodded and said, "Miss Ling San, you will go with Anning to look for Mr. Luo." Ling Xuejun hesitated for a moment and answered, "Good." Xu Yang called himself to come, for a while if he had something to do to help himself, see himself go back early, perhaps not satisfied, but also do not know how to threaten himself. "Then we'll go back first," said Zhang Wenyi. You find Mr. Luo and tell him to come back to us as soon as possible! "I know." Ling Xuejun and Deng Anning nodded, and then helped Ling Yurou to help Luo Yinshuang to Zhang Wenyi's horse. When Luo Yinshuang and Zhang Wenyi were seated, Ling Yurou also got on the horse. She turned to Ling Xuejun and said, "Xuejun, I'll go back with Yin Shuang first.". You should be more careful on your way to find Mr. Luo. "I'll be careful, second sister." Ling Xuejun nodded. Because Ling Yurou was worried about Luo Yinshuang and did not say much to Ling Xuejun, she hurried back with Zhang Jiyi and Luo Yinshuang. Watching Ling Yurou and others walk away slowly, Ling Xuejun turned around and said to Deng Anning: "Miss Deng, let's go too." "Good." Deng Anning smiled at Ling Xuejun and then turned the horse's head and walked forward. However, Ling Xuejun saw a trace of uneasiness from Deng Anning's smile. She thought Deng Anning was worried about Luo Yinshuang, and without much thought, she followed him. The two men walked on for almost half an hour and came to the edge of a mountain forest. As Deng Anning walked, he looked around and said to himself, "It should be here. Why didn't you see anyone?" Seeing this, Ling Xuejun asked, "Miss Deng, what are you looking for?"? Don't you know the way? "No." Deng Anning looked back at Ling Xuejun and said, "It should be here. If we go further, maybe we can see them." "Then let's go quickly." Ling Xuejun urged. Uh Deng Anning nodded and rode on. Do not know why, Ling Xuejun always felt that Deng Anning's eyes were more restless than before. Just then, there was a sudden rush of hooves in front of him. Deng Anning quickly stopped his horse and looked forward. Slowly, the figure of a woman riding a horse appeared in front of her. Because the woods were too dense, the sun was mostly covered, the woods were a little dark, and the woman's face could not be seen clearly for a moment. When Deng Anning saw the man, he shouted happily, "Yunshan, I'm here!" Ling Xuejun did not expect that Deng Anning and Lu Yunshan were so close that they could recognize her by a figure? The woman galloped on horseback and soon came to Ling Xuejun and Deng Anning. When the woman approached, Ling Xuejun finally saw clearly that she was indeed Lu Yunshan. Seeing Lu Yunshan, Ling Xuejun was a little surprised and asked, Miss Lu, why are you here alone? Mr. Gu, where are Mr. Luo? Lu Yunshan said anxiously, "Miss San, it's great to see you here!"! I was just looking for you! Seeing that Lu Yunshan's tone was not right, Ling Xuejun asked alertly, "Miss Lu is looking for me, but what's the matter?" "Three girls, your eldest brother has had an accident!" Lu Yunshan said in a crying voice. Hearing this,jacuzzi bath spa, Ling Xuejun's head "buzzed" and became a blank. After a while, she asked in a trembling voice, "What happened to my eldest brother?" 。 monalisa.com

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