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Uncomfortable is uncomfortable, anyway, I do not live here, the purpose of this time is to pick up the purple moon to leave by the way to help the guild to collect people, in the Dragon Island casually catch personal combat effectiveness is much more powerful than outside. In fact, my real purpose is the totem beast. The totem beast of the guild is a very important thing. According to the information we have, there are several guilds with guardian beasts at present, but no one has totem beasts. Generally, the first one always has a special reward, and the first one to get totem beasts should also have a reward. This is the real purpose of my coming to Dragon Island. When I entered the Dragon Temple, I was stunned. There was nothing in the huge building, or there was everything here. Behind the gate is a.. A universe! That's all I can say. Here is an almost dark world, there is no distinction between up and down, left and right, as far as the eye can see is the vast and boundless space. Countless stars, planets, comets and even nebulae are all in this space. They are constantly moving, and it looks like a universe. Sometimes you can see a sudden light somewhere in the distance, and then a planet there disappears. I think it's a supernova explosion,cattle weight tape, but that's weird! "Isn't this a beautiful arrangement?" A voice suddenly appeared in front of us, but I couldn't see anything. But I guess that's the voice of the Dragon King. It's really beautiful. This is true. Although the outside of the building is very disgusting. It's like an upstart, but it's really beautiful inside. This is something designed by Lord Dragon God, and I knew it would be beautiful. Why do I think there's something wrong with that? What did you say? Can't you see? "Yes!" The voice is somewhat helpless and vicissitudes of life. I really can't see, because I have no eyes. In fact, I don't even have a body. "No wonder I can't see you!" The patriarch saluted to the void and said, "My king, I have handed it over to you. I am outside the door.". Call me if you need me. Said he slowly out of the room closed the door, even Lin Yue was pulled out. Only rose and I are left in this huge dream space. Now that you have passed the test, I hope you can help us complete a task. "I..!" Don't answer yet, tape measure clip ,Surveyors tape measure, I have something to say. First of all, I want you to know that this mission is not just about helping the dragons. In fact, he is also a great victory for the great cause of justice. After this task is completed, the European dragons may come back, and even gather the scattered dragons to become a complete and powerful dragon. At that time, justice and mercy will become the main theme, and evil will be driven back to the dark corner. "Stop!" I quickly stopped him from going on. I'm one of the evil ones, and you're going to drive us all into a corner, and you want me to help? Is this guy's brain fried! The Dragon King was very surprised. Didn't you pass the test? "Yes!" "Then how do you call yourself an evil force?" "I am an evil force!" "But didn't you pass the test?" "I passed the test, but what does that have to do with whether I'm evil or not?" Of course it matters. The first test is to distinguish between evil forces and good forces. How can you pass the test since you are evil forces? "You mean the pool?" Yes, that's the purification pool. It contains the purifying power of my people. Didn't you go down to test it? Did I go down, or was I thrown in by your men. But instead of purifying me, your pool blesses the water to evaporate itself! "What?" The Dragon King was a little too frightened. You are an evil force! While the Dragon King was still in a daze, I hastened to say, "Actually, you don't have to care about this. Since you need help, it's the same for me.". Those who claim to be kind can help others unconditionally, but they are never serious and inefficient. We're different! We work for a fee. You give us the benefit of doing things with first-class efficiency and after-sales service. The most important thing is that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. If you go to those good guys, you will have to wait at least another thousand or eight hundred years. Is that a huge time interval? "You're right. The dragons can't wait any longer." The Dragon King was moved by my words. The dragons have remained neutral over the years, and the main reason we are looking for people from the good camp is that they have a better reputation. "If we talk about credibility.". You can rest assured that our reputation is first-class. "How can I believe your empty words?" "I'm not talking empty words. I have witnesses." "Who?" "For example, the Dark God of Europe, Mother Earth, Atlantis under the sea, and the Asian dragons all have good business relations with me." Moving out this time are big brands, I believe there is a little deterrent! The Dragon King hesitated for a long time and said, "Since even the Asian dragons have dealings with you, that's easy to say!"! Then I believe in your credibility. "Well, that's the wise choice.". Say what you want us to do, and I'll decide the price. "In fact, it is not a troublesome thing, but it needs a certain strength." The Dragon King paused, and the room suddenly changed. We appeared on a green field, and the only problem was that we were floating in the air with our feet in the air. Rose was so frightened that she hugged me tightly. Don't be afraid. These are just images. You're still in the Dragon Temple. I looked at my feet and felt a little familiar. "Isn't this the circular mountain range where the four cities outside you are located?" "There is nothing wrong with that.". You watch your back. I turned my head and looked at the back. There was a large army gathering here. It looked like the undead. What you see is the legion of the undead. They're trying to get in here. There's an army of orcs in the mountains. You don't want us to destroy these two armies,fish measuring tape, do you? It seems to me that they are not as strong as the dragon people? Besides, it's an army! You won't let me go back and send the army to suppress the bandits, will you? 。 tapemeasure.net

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