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The man is a dog.

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The next day, as soon as I opened my eyes, the first thing I did was to play back the video. Both husband and wife looked at the screen with their eyes wide open. Five hours of video recordings were watched at twelve times the speed, and nothing was found. No change! He Jindong sighed and said. To be honest, neither of them felt relaxed. Not sleep will change, they still can not determine under what conditions He Jindong will change! Wife, don't worry, you'll find out sooner or later. I'll get you something to eat first, and I'll go to work later. He Jindong forced a smile and went to the field to wash and cook. During the day only Gu Yuzhou a person at home, she was uneasy, always worried about a person outside of He Jindong, but also can not help but want to call to ask him about the situation. She also knew that this was not the way to go on, and before they could figure things out, she went insane. No matter how hard it is, life will go on. So she had to find something for herself to do to settle down. After walking around the house, she took out the video she had recorded in the evening and started watching it from the beginning at normal speed. Five hours of video, she saw more than three hours without interruption, suddenly felt, it seems that all of a sudden caught something that has been floating in the heart. At this time in the video, He Jindong is sinking in a dream, his body curled up into a defensive state of insecurity, his eyebrows slightly frowning,Wheel tape measure, whenever she turns over or has other movements, his body will unconsciously follow, and his eyebrows will frown more tightly. He Jindong was in this state all night, far from the way he slept on the sofa during the day. When he Jindong came back in the evening, Gu Yuzhou did not tell him his guess, but offered to massage him after dinner. Wife, the sun is coming out in the west today. Why do you want to give me a massage? He Jindong was flattered. Gu Yuzhou pressed him on the bed and took off his clothes. He pressed his hands hard and replied, "You've been working very hard these days. Don't I love you dearly?". Don't think about anything tonight,Fiberglass tape measure, just wait for me to serve you! He Jindong's nerves had been tense before the training, and he had new problems after the training. He slept very restlessly last night, and his spirit was extremely tired. Now he eats and drinks enough, lies on a comfortable bed, and his wife accompanies him. His spirit and body can't help relaxing. After a while, he fell asleep with his head on his arm. Gu Yuzhou quietly withdrew his hand, took out his cell phone, and began to videotape. She held up her cell phone in her hand, and soon her arm was a little sore. When she was hesitating to put her cell phone on the bracket, he Jindong, who was sleeping soundly, turned! Gu Yuzhou was so excited that his hand was unstable and his mobile phone slipped and hit He Jindong. What's wrong? What happened to my wife? He Jindong almost turned into a human form in an instant, jumped up from the bed and asked Gu Yuzhou nervously. Gu Yuzhou could not hide his surprise, picked up his mobile phone and explained to He Jindong while looking for the video, "You just turned into a dog, I really want to know how you can change!" She showed the video to He Jindong, horse weight tape ,Walking measuring wheel, who was sleeping lazily on the bed and turned into a dog without warning. He Jindong did not understand what she meant and looked up at her, waiting for her to give an explanation. "I saw you transform twice in a very relaxed state," Gu Yuzhou explained patiently. "You can compare the video last night. Is what I said reasonable?" Chapter 394 whine ~ He Jindong thought about it carefully, and what his wife said seemed to be really reasonable. That night when he was drunk, he was really in a very relaxed state because he knew the sex of his child, and he had a good chat with the old man and had alcohol on his brain. After the transformation in front of Gu Yuzhou, they all felt relaxed after they were tired and had their daughter-in-law around them. In this way, drinking and sleeping are really not the key to transformation, the key is to relax. He sat cross-legged on the bed, returned his cell phone to Gu Yuzhou, and exhaled a long breath, "Wife, you see, I'm going to relax now!" Go out of your way to relax, but you can't relax. The heart has been saying to relax, to relax, but he is in a state of mental and physical tension, want to change simply can not. Gu Yuzhou couldn't bear to look at it and said, "This is definitely not going to work. Why don't we lie in bed and chat? Let's relax and maybe you can change.". Also have to be such, husband and wife two lie on the bed side by side, pick up a few relaxed and happy topics to say unexpectedly. All of a sudden, laughter filled the small bedroom, He Jindong also gradually relaxed down. Gu Yuzhou said funny things in his mouth, but he has been observing the state of He Jindong, feeling that the heat is almost the same, reminding him, "You can try to change one now?" He Jindong was stunned at first, then closed his eyes, and the next moment, he really turned into a dog! Gu Yuzhou was ecstatic, and He Jindong, who had become a dog, jumped up from the bed excitedly and wagged his tail desperately. It turns out that the change of dogs can really be controlled. As long as he relaxes and gives himself a hint in his mind, whether he is sleeping or awake, he can become a dog freely. But the excitement of the two men did not last long, and new problems surfaced. Now that he can control himself from a man to a dog, how can he control himself from a dog to a man? He still tried to relax himself, hinting at his transformation, but he didn't change back at all. The dejected dog lay on the bed, his chin resting on his front paws, and looked at Gu Yuzhou bitterly. Gu Yuzhou also felt headache, this change and change is not a routine, it is really annoying. Jindong, let's go to sleep first, maybe you will come back when you wake up early tomorrow morning, "Gu Yuzhou can only comfort him like this.". Pulling the quilt to cover He Jindong, Gu Yuzhou turned off the light and prepared to go to bed. He Jindong, who had become a dog, was not honest at all. Maomao gathered around Gu Yuzhou,Horse weight lbs, and the dog's paws had to be put on Gu Yuzhou's chest before he stopped. Gu Yuzhou looked at him pitifully, unwilling to talk to him, and let his paws run amok. tapemeasure.net

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