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"Silver Shark King?"? One of the eight demon kings? The champion Hou turned to look at Chan Yinsha, looking a little malicious. The Marquis calmed down! At this time, Chan Yinsha burst out a brilliant streamer, endless brilliance, Hong Yi's figure out of thin air. Hong Yi? When the champion Hou saw Hong Yi's figure, he looked a little surprised. "Did you separate the incarnation of the soul to protect her?"? It seems that you have a close relationship. "Let the Marquis laugh!" The incarnation of Hong Yi's spirit gave a salute to the champion Hou, "Hou Ye, Yinsha is my Taoist companion. If you offend me, please forgive me!" The champion Hou is famous and his strength is unfathomable. Hong Yi has only one soul incarnation at the moment. He is not the opponent of the champion Hou. Once there is a conflict, he will definitely suffer losses. Of course, he can only take harmony as the most precious thing. What's offensive? Brother Hong worries too much. The champion Hou turned a few thoughts in his mind, smiled at the moment, and waved his hand with indifference. After the Sanhualou incident, Hong Yi's strength grew so fast in just over two years. Give him some more time to grow up, and he will definitely be Hong Xuanji's sworn enemy in the future. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The champion Hou, who is determined to turn over Emperor Gan, is naturally not a fool. There is no need to become an enemy even if the object that can obviously be used can not be roped in. Did these two meet again? When Li Yu saw this scene, there was a smile on his face. "Fang yuan was killed by the champion Hou, but Kirin still had to be summoned." Li Yu smiled and asked the system to extract the method of summoning Kirin from Fang yuan's memory and send it to the champion Hou. In ancient times, the emperor "Ji" once subdued a unicorn. Before the emperor "Ji" returned to silence, he sealed the Kirin with great magic power and slept in the small world of Wuji Mountain. Fang yuan obtained the inheritance of the emperor's "extreme" and naturally knew how to summon the Kirin. In addition, the holy emperor's "extreme" skill, the magic of commanding the vitality of heaven and earth and scattering beans into soldiers, is still of great reference value. When combined with the magic of speech and spirit, it must be even more powerful. As for the "Wuji Dragon Ring", 20% of the energy was paid proportionally as a reward to the champion Hou. In the wilderness. Receiving the method of summoning Kirin from Taotie, the champion Hou felt a burst of ecstasy. Kirin? Kirin? It's a unicorn? No wonder Taotie has such a big reaction. No wonder you have to come so far. This is a unicorn! The surprise in the heart of the champion Hou is beyond words. Kirin, the holy beast of heaven and earth! The most auspicious sign! Of course, the champion doesn't care about that. What he cares about is the huge Qi and blood of Kirin! Dragons,stainless steel welded pipe, phoenixes and unicorns, these natural gods and beasts, are born with the blood of immortals. As long as you devour this Kirin, the champion Hou's cultivation will surely make greater progress, and the martial arts cultivation will go further. What's more, the kylin can also practice the power of the spirit, and the spirit of this kylin must be even more terrible. If you swallow this unicorn, he will probably be promoted to the Creator! The champion Hou's eyes were shining, and he didn't pay any attention to the thoughts of Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha. Recalling the method of summoning Kirin in his mind, the champion Hou stretched his neck and raised his head to the sky with a long roar. Ang.. This long roar, like a dragon is not a dragon, like a tiger is not a tiger, the sound is very strange, but with a solemn and sacred meaning. Rumble.. There was a violent shock on the top of the towering mountain in front of us. The light explodes and the space collapses. A huge beast rushed out of the light, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, stepped on the auspicious clouds, and stood in the air. The beast was huge, several times larger than an Archaean mammoth. Dragon head, antlers, lion's eyes, tiger's back, bear's waist, with divine patterns on the back, colorful auspicious clouds on the feet, blooming with brilliant brilliance, majestic and sacred. Qi. Kirin? At this moment, Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha were stunned. This is a sacred beast! The virtue of the emperor is accompanied by the unicorn! Champion Hou.. What virtue and what ability? Summoning a unicorn? "Ang.." In the multicolored auspicious clouds, the huge unicorn holy beast raised its head to the sky with a long roar. The wind and clouds are surging and the earth is shaking. Since ancient times, the sacred beast of Kirin, which has disappeared for countless years, has once again appeared between heaven and earth. Ha ha ha ha! The champion Hou burst out laughing, rose into the air, and flew toward the unicorn. Teenager, are you calling me? The emperor said that someone would wake me up from my deep sleep in the future. Kirin opened a pair of golden giant eyes, glanced at the champion Hou, the champion Hou body that kind of violent and overbearing, full of the breath of plunder and possession, very disgusted. But you.. Kirin shook his head, how can not believe the emperor "extremely" said that the person is such a guy without virtue. There is nothing but! The champion raised his eyebrows, shook his figure, and rushed to the Kirin. Just then, there was a sudden explosion in the void. Boom! A figure, like a golden lightning, roared through the air. The speed of the figure was so fast that only a golden light flashed in the air and appeared beside the Kirin in an instant. The wheel of life and death in the heavens! With a loud shout, the golden light manifested itself, a dragon's head and body, shining with brilliant golden figures, shook his fist and smashed the champion Hou severely. Hong Xuanji! As soon as this move came out, the champions Hou, Hong Yi and Chan Yinsha all exclaimed. m.。 Chapter two hundred and sixty first dragon armor, blood call ,。 Hong Xuanji is the best martial artist in the world. Official in a surname, sitting in the court, all over the world, a strength is unfathomable. See Hong Xuanji appear, even if the champion Hou this kind of lawless guy, also can not help but heart one Rin. The Infernal Hell! With a loud roar, the champion Hou suddenly opened his blood-colored eyes between his eyebrows, and the blood-colored brilliance spread, enveloping his whole body in an instant. The magic gun came out of his hand, and the champion Hou burst out with a shout, and the pike roared up, facing Hong Xuanji's "wheel of life and death in the heavens,304 Stainless Steel Coil," and shot him in the past. Boom! With a violent explosion, the roaring wind rushed up like a raging tide, and the space shook violently. Damn 。 sxthsteel.com

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