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What to know before buying Alkaline Water Ionizers?

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You all have heard of a water purifier that only filters water. They remove harmful germs while also removing healthy minerals from water. Different RO water purifier companies claim that their purifier removes suspended particles, microbes, and excess salts. Acidity in RO water sucks the minerals from your body. The water may be pure but not healthy. Bottled water is also not safe. It is acidic which is harmful to our body when used for a longer time. Recent research has shown that drinking only RO water can weaken one's immune system leaving them prone to various diseases. What's more alarming is that water from other sources like handpumps, or submersible pumps becomes foreign to our bodies. So, it is not advisable to totally depend on RO water purifiers. Then what should you all do? Shun drinking water from water purifiers. But which water to drink? Water from an alkaline water purifier.

That's right. The answer to the above question and all other questions that might be arising is to drink ionised water. What? I have never heard of it. What is ionized alkaline water? These may be your first reactions. But what I am going to tell you is already used by millions of water across the globe and has recently found its way to India. Let me first describe what ionized alkaline water is.


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What is Ionized Alkaline Water?


Alkaline water has a higher pH level than RO water. It neutralizes the acid in your bloodstream which can help prevent many diseases like cancer and heart disease. Drinking ionized alkaline water is considered safe as it contains natural minerals and has several health benefits. When comparing the pH of normal water with alkaline water, the latter has a pH of 8-9 whereas the pH of the former is 7. Research published in the Medical Gas Research journal shows that consuming alkaline water has a positive effect on stool consistency and gut microbiota. In short alkaline water helps you to relieve your morning pressure easily.

Now you know all the benefits that alkaline water has to provide but you must be wondering how you can get this amazing water every day. We are here to provide that very solution to you. We have designed an alkaline water ionizer to convert your normal tap water to healthy and ionized alkaline water. It is a machine that looks identical to water purifiers but does wonder. It uses the electrolysis technique to separate incoming water from a pipe into acidic and alkaline parts. The alkaline stream is used as alkaline water to drink. It is an efficient alkaline water machine made using world-renowned Japanese technology for effectiveness.


Hydro Plus Of Health Assure Has The Potential To Make Healthy India


Our company Health Assure provides a robust and effective alkaline water ionizer with the name Hydro Plus. As we have mentioned before it is made using the latest Japanese technology. Other notable features include titanium-based platinum materials used, 10- 40 degree centigrade working temperature, 70-80 LPH flow rate, etc. You don't have to worry about working the ionizer machine at extreme temperatures. It has a good range and works just fine in Indian temperatures and the environment. The water coming out from the machine is ionized, alkaline, hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant, and micro-clustered water molecules.

We recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of alkaline water daily to experience its health benefits. It is noteworthy here that don't make a fast transition to drinking only alkaline water. Try to make your body comfortable with alkaline water first and then intake it as per your needs. You can mix alkaline water with normal water in the beginning and wait till you get used to the changes in your body's pH level.


Benefits Of Ionized Alkaline Water


Alkaline ionized water is full of antioxidants. It can only be made using electrolysis and has a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which is the scientific proof of antioxidants. This water is known by scientists as Electrolyzed Reduced Water that has extra electrons which reduce the ability of harmful substances to oxidize and damage your tissues and DNA. Ionized Alkaline Water helps in weight loss, balancing the body pH, regulates diabetes and blood pressure, digestive health, anti-aging, makes strong bones, and healthy hearts, and increases strength and stamina.

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Why A Consistent Digital Marketing Agency In Patna Is Essential For Your Business?


Everyone wants to start their own profitable business. Businesses are profitable only when they have a good number of clients. For a startup or a new business finding customers and clients is an uphill task. You know there is a difference between customers and clients. Let me tell you what they mean individually. For starters, customers are those who spend little on goods and services whereas clients are those who buy goods and services at high prices. Basically, the difference is in their spending habits. So, the key to a successful business is to maintain a healthy balance between customers and clients. Customers are regular while clients come rare and when they come they award huge profits.

Now, you all must be thinking where will I get all these people to buy from my business? Here comes the part where online marketing is the key. Digital marketing or Search Engine Optimisation (for website) is done for your business for more reach and exposure to potential buyers. This is essential for every business that wants to survive and keep going until eternity. An SEO agency is good for local businesses that have a base in the city. Digital Marketing Agency in Patna provides huge potential for any business whether big or small, local or national which wants to go online. This is something unbelievable as there are millions of people online searching every day for the goods and services they are in need of.


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What is Digital Marketing In Real Sense?


Digital marketing involves promoting your business online in various ways. It includes social media optimization for your business on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Advertisements such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads are also used to promote your goods and services. These days potential clients interact more on short videos like Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, etc. Other techniques like guest posting, article posting, and blog postings are done to provide exposure for your business. All these when combined together correctly can give the boost your company needs.

Pacific SEO Services is a Digital Marketing Company In Patna that deploys White Hat SEO techniques for its clients. They have served over 150 clients in the past 5 years. During the Covid-19 pandemic when the whole country was in lockdown, this agency helped a number of companies to go online. Companies that went online at that time survived closures and bankruptcy because they were getting consistent orders online. Having an online presence saved them big time.


What Does a Business Need For Getting Online?


Getting a business online is not an easy task. It requires registering a domain in the name of the company and then hosting it on a fast server. Anyone can buy domains from anywhere, but selecting the right hosting plan is an uphill task. It requires familiarity with speed, loading time, server location, SSD, storage, etc. After hosting, you need a good website developer and designer for making the website and its regular upkeep. This is because website speed is everything and correcting 404 and 500 errors is essential. You will need to hire at least 3-4 people like SEO Experts in Patna, SMO Experts, Website Designers, and Developers. All individuals must be experienced and experts in their domains. All I am saying is experience here is the key to success. And where will you get experienced experts other than SEO Agency in Patna?

One thing that is important to note here is that SEO is a slow process and it depends on the niche. It means websites that are in a particular niche or field take a different amount of time to rank. For example, some website of a niche takes a year to rank whereas some only take 6 months to rank on SERP. SERP is search engine result pages that are basically google or bing search results. Pacific SEO Services only takes google and bing into consideration because these two are famous and have a considerable market share over the rest.


What are the techniques that an SEO Expert uses?


In the field of search engine optimization, SEO, there are a number of techniques used to make google into believing that a website is trustworthy and good enough to rank. The techniques are posting blogs, articles, forums, press releases, business listings, classifieds, images, infographics, ppt, pdf, video submissions, online reputation management, social media optimization, commenting, directory submission, social bookmarking, reviews, question and answer submissions, profile creation, etc. The right mix of all the above makes a website visible in the search engines that too on the first page.

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