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Validus is an online trading academy that has been set up to educate people who are underserved by financial institutions globally. The foundations of the Validus academy were laid in August 2021. It has its offices in two countries of the world that are the USA and the UAE. Validus is a fast-growing network in the UAE and has recently opened a big, new office in Dubai. Validus has achieved its Shariah Compliance certificate from the Global Islamic Financial Services. Validus is a platform that if used wisely, can benefit so many individuals in UAE. Validus is a trading academy that began with the core value of educating individuals without discrimination of race, age, color, or religion, and after opening its headquarters in Dubai, it has also taken Shariah Compliance Certificate due to which many people living in Dubai will be helped from it.

Validus has opened its new office in Dubai because about two-thirds of the world is at an eight-hour flight from Dubai as well as Dubai is considered the center of opportunities. According to a report from the World Bank:

“Ease of Doing Businesses 2020”, Dubai benefits from abundant resources and a healthy business climate.

After entering UAE, Validus has opened new ways of opportunities to hundreds of people as it will provide learning and education about crypto, NFTs, investing, forex trading, and stock trading. People living in any part of the world can take advantage of the programs and can earn a good livelihood. Validus in UAE will not only provide opportunities to the people living in the UAE, but it will also help so many other people also because Dubai is a place where there are so many opportunities. On the inauguration of office, Validus’ CEO, Howard Friend, announced another rank of Validus investment scheme that involves investment packages ranging from fifty dollars to ten thousand dollars.


As everything has some positive sides and some negative sides, likewise according to some people, Validus investing plan in Dubai can be a Ponzi scheme as most of the businesses who come to Dubai are scammers. Although it provides a compensation plan, according to some experts, it can be dangerous because to work freely, it needs to get registered with some financial regulators, but it does not have any proof of the registration, and the other thing is that the only source of new revenue coming in through investments, and it uses those investments to pay affiliate withdrawals. And as the affiliate withdrawals end up, the profits also finish.

In the end, it is concluded that Validus has opened many new doors of opportunities for the people in the UAE and other people as well, but it must also be used with care and that can be done if we invest little by little and not all at once and after getting experience, invest a larger sum of money. It can also be a good learning source about passive income and its sources that may lead many people towards financial literacy.

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