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Gifts of Odin - Part One.

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Our newest addition to Rise of Angels is the Gifts of Odin, In this guide I will attempt to show you the main parts of this new addition. 

To begin with you will need to enter the Cross Server Icon.

1. The Floor you will be able enter will depend on your emblem level.

2. This is shown as Qualifying Conditions.

3.Battles are available from 9am to 11pm.






The Floor will also show you possible rewards you will receive once the Bosses are defeated.

 Once on your floor it will show you (1.) the area you are currently in there are a PvP Area where players are free to kill each other. As well as a Safe Zone where players are at Peace.



Once in the Zone you have.

  1. The Boss showing the time when it will respawn.
  2. The possible rewards given when the Boss is Defeated.
  3.  There are prizes for the top 10 players ranked, though anyone who has taken part but not ranked will also receive a reward.

The possible rewards are:

Blueprints for various levels of Gifts of Odin gear (I'll get to more of this shortly)

Evolution stone

Star (used for increasing your Odins Gear)



Your rewards will come in your mail.

Once you have them you will find you have Blueprints. Depending on the level of gear you are collecting you will either be able to use the Blueprint if it corresponds to the level you are collecting and if not, open forge and you will be able to reforge it for Blueprint Shards which will enable you to buy the gear Blueprint you need at exchange.




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