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VPN can stop your traffic from getting throttled or monitored by  or any other. An may still be able to throttle traffic going through the VPN but in the event that they targeted users who download torrents, they won't be able to recognize the encrypted https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/veepn-free-fast-security-vpn/ activities as being linked with downloading through a torrent website.
Offers anonymous bit torrent proxy servers, recently ran into problems with according to an article. The account of the company was shut down when determined they were in fact promoting torrent trackers. PayPal initially ruled that the business model of the company was acceptable under the terms of service, however, the company changed their opinion and closed down the account.
Bit torrent can be described as the name given to the file sharing method which the industry of entertainment connects with online piratery. As with every other file sharing system there are many uses and is very efficient in comparison to other methods of downloading. The industry insists that there is is a big issue where pirates are concerned. They have always focused its efforts to block torrent sites as well as monitoring users of torrent sites and taking other steps in an attempt to shut down the most popular file sharing platform.
Torrent isn't just about pirates. The system is remarkably fast and represents one of the best ways to distribute information--particularly large files over the Internet in a bandwidth efficient way. However the entertainment industry are working together to target BitTorrent sites as well as users, in ways that haven't previously been attempted.
One method to do this is to close the accounts of providers who provide the kind of privacy-enhancing tools that torrent users, and many others, would like to utilize. While torrents are not all piracy often limit the amount of bandwidth available to users using this type of protocol and make it extremely difficult to use it for legitimate uses.


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