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Man in Brown _ Agatha Christie

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The Colonel has always been very clever. I did what I was told, but I also did something that the Colonel could not have predicted. I have a stash of South American diamonds, and one or two of them are so special that it is easy to prove that they are not stolen. With these diamonds, I can manipulate our high and mighty leader. Once the two young men were cleared of their charges, he was bound to be suspected of involvement in the theft. For several years, I have not disclosed this matter, because with this weapon, I have been satisfied, but now the situation is different. I want my price back. It will be a staggering amount. 。” "It is remarkable," said the count; "then, no doubt, you must have these diamonds with you." His eyes scanned the cluttered dressing room. Natina chuckled. Don't think so. I'm not a fool. Those diamonds are kept in a safe place where no one can find them even in their dreams. I never thought you silly, Madame, but may I venture to tell you that you are a little foolhardy? The Colonel is not so easily blackmailed, you know. "I'm not afraid of him," she said, laughing. "I'm afraid of one man, but he's dead. 。” The count looked at her curiously. Let us pray, then, that he does not rise again. He said lightly. What do you mean? The dancer suddenly screamed. The count was a little surprised. "I just mean that his resurrection will be very embarrassing for you,Glass Cream Jars," he explained. "It's just a stupid joke." She sighed with relief. Oh, no, he's dead. He died in the war. He is a man who once loved me. "Is it in South Africa?" Asked the count casually. "Yes, in South Africa, since you asked." "That's where you were born, isn't it?" She nodded. Her husband got up and went to get his hat. "Well," he said, "you know exactly what you're doing. But if I were you, I would be more afraid of the Colonel than of the dead lover. He is a person who is particularly easy to underestimate. She laughed sarcastically. It's as if I haven't known the Colonel at all these years! "I doubt it," he said gently. "I doubt very much that you understand." "Oh, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Oil Dropper Bottle, I'm not an idiot!"! And I'm not alone. The South African cruise ship will dock at Southampton tomorrow, and there is a man on board who has specifically come at my request, and who has carried out some of my orders. The Colonel isn't dealing with just one man, he's dealing with two of us. "Is it wise to do so?" "This is necessary." "You trust this man?" A strange smile came over the dancer's face. I don't trust him completely. His ability is not enough, but he is trustworthy. She paused, then said in a cold voice, "Actually, he's my husband." T-xt novel paradise www. xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 1 Everyone around me urged me to write this story, from Lord Naseby to Emily, our former housekeeper, who said, "Oh, miss, you can write a moving book, just like a picture." I admit that I am qualified for the job. I was involved from the beginning, and I was deeply involved, and I was in the shadow of death all the time. Fortunately, some of these gaps, which I know not to fill, can be filled in by the diary of Sir Eustace Peterle. 。 He asked me to use his diary. That's how the story begins. Anne Bettingfield began to describe her adventures. 。 I've always had a thirst for adventure. You know, my life is too poor and monotonous. My father, Professor Bettingfield, is one of the last remaining authorities on hominids. He is really a genius. Everyone admits that he is a genius. In life, for him.. The most inconvenient thing is that his mind lives in the Paleolithic Age, while his body is in the modern world. Dad didn't care about modern people, or even Neolithic people. He only regarded them as cattle herders. Before he studied the late Paleolithic, he didn't care at all, let alone modern people. Unfortunately, one cannot completely ignore modern people. He had to deal more or less with butchers, bakers, milkmen and grocers. Dad was stuck in the past, and Mom died when I was a baby, so the practical burdens of life fell even more heavily on me. To be honest, I hate Paleolithic people,oil dropper bottle, whether they are early, middle or late. Although I typed and proofread most of Dad's "Neanderthals and Their Ancestors," the Neanderthals themselves made me nauseous. I have often thought that it is fortunate that they have disappeared in ancient times. penghuangbottle.com

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