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"I like it," said Xiao Heng. It's just that you eat more and gain more meat. He spoke with a warm smile in his eyes, and his words were serious. "I've already said that when we get married in the future, she won't embarrass you, but." But there is one condition. "What?" A Jiao immediately tightened his whole body and asked subconsciously. "Hsiao Heng paused for a moment and then said," Give birth to a grandson for her earlier. This Jiao's face burned and she was both happy and worried. But at the thought of her father's illness, she frowned and said, "Prince, if.." If it were my father.. I can't marry you right now. In Daqi, if the father died, the children had to observe filial piety for three years, and it was not appropriate to marry within three years. If that's all right before, she can't get married in three years at all, but Qingqing, I'm afraid it will be delayed for two years. But now- As soon as the imperial edict was issued yesterday, she was engaged to the prince. She herself was not in a hurry, but she knew how anxious Mrs. Guogong was, and the prince. He is not young. Three years later, she would get married again, and the prince would have no children when he was in his thirties, which was her sin. If so,gold CIP machine, then the prince had a concubine in advance, she could not say anything. Xiao Heng said, "Your father's affairs are the most important at the moment. There's still a lot of time between you and me. Let's take our time. I'm not in a hurry." When Ah Jiao heard this, she was very moved. She nodded with moist eyes and said, "Prince, hurry up and eat. If the noodles are cold, they won't taste good." "Good." Xiao Heng was very obedient, and as soon as he answered,gold shaking table, he withdrew his hand and began to eat noodles. And this side is so clean that even the soup can be drunk to the bottom. A Jiao's heart suddenly rose to a kind of satisfaction. · As soon as Ah Jiao tidied up the bowls and chopsticks, she heard something outside. She immediately went out and saw a man in a blue robe with a round collar come in. The man was tall and plain, with a faint scar on his left cheek, which seemed to be some years old, but the whole person looked quite superior to the world. Behind him was a boy in Tsing Yi, about seventeen or eighteen years old, carrying a medicine box in his hand. "Ah Jiao immediately went up and said politely," This is Mr. Yunhe. Mr. Yunhe took one look at the beautiful little girl in front of him and felt comfortable, but he smiled. He said to Xiao Heng, "Prince Xiao spent a lot of money to let me come here. Naturally, I came here without stopping. Where is the patient now? Take me in." A Jiao hurriedly led Mr. Yunhe in. The smell in the bedroom was a little bad, and Mr. Yunhe immediately frowned. Embarrassed, Ah Jiao said, "It's time for Mr. Lao." But Mr. Yunhe said, "Get up quickly and open the window. If you stay like this, gold heap leaching ,coltan ore processing, even a good person should be ill." Hearing this, Xue blurted out, "But the doctor said that my husband was infected with cold and should not be exposed to the wind." "Did the doctor cure your husband?" Asked Mr. Yunhe. Xue Shi's eyes were gloomy: "Never." Mr. Yunhe narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Listen to me," he said. "Open the window for ventilation. Within three days, I'll give you a healthy husband." That's what I said. The tone is not small. But this man is a famous doctor, and Xue can only bite the bullet and open the window. A Jiao stood aside, watching Mr. Yunhe feel his pulse, waiting for the pulse to be finished, and then asked anxiously: "Mr. Yunhe, I.." Can my father be saved? "I can't die," said Mr. Yunhe in a faint tone. As soon as this word fell, Ah Jiao was immediately happy and said excitedly, "That's good, that's good.." She turned to look at Xiao Heng and said happily, "Prince, did you hear that?"? My father won't die. "I hear you." Xiao Heng is very cooperative to answer. Because of this sentence, the rest of the people in the room also breathed a sigh of relief, for fear that a famous doctor could not cure it. After seeing the doctor, Mr. Yunhe sat down and dictated, while the boy beside him wrote the prescription for him. Then he got up and said to Ah Jiao, "Follow the prescription and take it twice a day.". Within three days, your father will be cured of his illness. This was said as if the disease were only a trivial matter. Jiao was grateful again and again, but Mr. Yunhe shook his head and said, "I'm just taking people's money to do things for them." A Jiao listened and cast a grateful look at Xiao Heng. Xue Shi took the prescription and hurried to fill it. Ah Jiao thought of something and said to Xue Shi, "Mother, you said that many people in our village have this kind of cold.". Just now I also asked Mr. Yunhe, Dad, this cold is easy to infect, you tell this prescription to the other people in the village. And the prescription for preventing wind and cold is also told. In the past, Xue Shi disdained to do such a good deed. But now that her husband had been saved, she could not wait to worship the Bodhisattva immediately, and naturally she was willing to do so. Xue nodded with a smile and went out to fill the medicine. A big stone in Ah Jiao's heart fell, waiting for his father to drink the medicine and get better soon. A Jiao looked at the time now is not early, if at this moment to go back, probably can also arrive before dark. Thinking of this, Ah Jiao said to Xiao Heng, "Prince, I want to stay for a few more days until my father gets better.". Or You go back first. After all, he is the prince of Jingguo Gongfu, and it is not good to be outside all the time. Xiao Heng had long thought of this question and said, "When I went out today, I left a message that I would stay in Mr. Han's Chuang Tzu for a few days, so I will stay with you these days.". When your father is well, I will send you back to Chuang Tzu. Otherwise I can't explain to Mr. Han when I go back alone, can I? This was so reasonable that it abruptly blocked the second half of Ah Jiao's words. A Jiao nodded, "Then I'll go to the river with a Yu to catch some fish and cook sweet and sour fish for the prince in the evening." Because of Dad's illness, I'm afraid the family hasn't had a good meal for a long time. It's hard for her to come today. Naturally, she wants to cook some good food for Qingqing and Ah Yu. Jiao thought of Qi Jun again,portable gold wash plant, then politely said to Qi Jun, "Qi eldest brother, you also stay for dinner and then go.". What does brother Qi like to eat? I'll make it for you in the evening. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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