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  1. Now I have lost contact with the marshal. If anything happens, no one will be able to help me. Reconnaissance waves spread out in all directions like octopuses, and soon most of the situation at the base became clear. I can't help but be surprised, because the scale of the rebel base is really too large to be underestimated. It would be more appropriate to call this base an underground city. Under my all-pervasive reconnaissance radio waves, the base is an octagonal underground castle composed of eight units, seven of which are military industrial, research and training centers for military purposes, and only one unit is used for residential purposes. Under my induction, the total number of the rebel headquarters is at least more than 200,000 people, and 40% of them are in the prime of life. It will be able to form an army of 80,000 men, and with Dagassi's superior technology, it has enough power to threaten the federal government. I don't know how many such bases there are? Assuming that there are a certain number of centrifuges in the federal government who are biased towards them and cooperate with the rebels when they are launched, it is unthinkable that they will cause great damage. But the marshal can rest assured, because I have infiltrated here, unfortunately,drive in racking system, my signal wave can not be sent out, otherwise in twenty-four hours, the marshal's most elite first legion, can mercilessly destroy everything here. But now it's up to me. Feng Lingmei and I sat in a small flying car passing through the underpass between units and headed for the underground city in the southeast. Feng Lingmei was silent and her face was calm, so that I could not see her inner world at all. If I could introduce you to Dargassi right away. According to common sense, they should take me to the underground city for people to live in, let me rest for a while, get used to the environment here, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,mobile racking systems, eat something, after so many twists and turns, ordinary people should feel very tired. But now I'm on my way to the southeast military zone, and there must be some hidden purpose. The flying car passed through the wide flight path and flew into the huge space of the southeast underground city. The buildings were arranged in more than ten rows in an orderly manner. The space between the buildings was of different sizes. It was incredibly covered with flowers and trees, making it more like a garden than a military fortress. Four artificial suns shed warm and comfortable sunlight on the steel roof of the underground city, and my induction waves cut into the sunlight and soon came to an analysis that surprised me. This artificial sunlight is 97.5 times closer to the real sunlight, and everything else is simulated except that there is no solar particle storm caused by hydrogen fusion in the sun. But this achievement has made it hard to doubt Hanway's claim that Dagassi has transformed the power of the world outside the city, as evidenced by the green world on the ground outside. I can also imagine that the rebels can use the artificial sun under the spacecraft to give plants the most important light and heat to transform the natural environment that has been destroyed for countless years. But why should the marshal oppose this plan that is beneficial and harmless to mankind! The flying car landed on one of the round buildings. I followed Feng Lingmei out of the car. There is a small square room at the top of the building, which seems to be the way down. Feng Lingmei came to the room and pointed to the button beside the door. The door slid to both sides like running water. It turned out to be an elevator. Feng Lingmei turned to look at me with a strange look in her eyes: "Please go in!" I stepped into it calmly. Feng Lingmei did not follow. "You?" I asked in astonishment. Feng Lingmei said indifferently, "Of course someone will greet you." Close the door. Falling down. I felt so wrong that I sent the induction waves out. The most shocking thing happened to me. I had come here after several hardships since I stepped out of the Federal Hotel, but I had never lost my sense of proportion as I did now. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m [Volume I] Chapter 8 Soul Search t.xt. Small .. Say ... God . Don This is not an ordinary elevator, but a cell made of a heavy metal with compressed magnetic energy. I can imagine that the energy transmission lines that intricately connect the elevator one by one send the huge magnetic field of a certain energy source into the magnetic radioactive metal in the wall immediately after I step into the elevator, which catches me off guard. I fell into a trap. Even with my sun-breaking light knife, I have no ability to break the magnetic wall made of up to 20 watts of magnetic force. The elevator stopped. There's no movement. Although I can't see or hear anything outside this small space, the other party can't talk to me or observe me with any equipment. Because with current technology, no signal can penetrate this super-energetic force field. On the one hand, I am amazed at the ultra-advanced technology of the rebel party, and on the other hand, I am also using my brains. Where on earth did I show a flaw and let them use this method against me? They have started to test my identity one after another, and I have also passed through one pass after another. Why did I suddenly see through my identity just before I saw Dagassi. Where did it go wrong? A flash of inspiration flashed through my mind. Unless someone betrayed me? Who would that be? The number of people who know my true identity is very limited. One image after another flashed through my mind. Suddenly a very uncomfortable feeling spread from the cranial nerves to the whole body. Every inch of muscle is squeezed by a strange pressure. I swore angrily. They intend to increase the energy of the force field, and the force can be like six invisible but qualitative boulders, pressing on me in all directions. There was a dizziness in my mind, but it disappeared in an instant. I see what they're trying to do. They tried to knock me out. But I am a super soldier, the strength of the nerve is a hundred times stronger than ordinary people, Shan Jie absolutely can not withstand, but not me. And a thought flashed through my mind. This means that they still do not know that I am a soldier who has been reformed by Ma Jieneng, but still regard me as Shan Jie, which shows that the person who betrays me will not be Marshal, Ma Jieneng,push back racking system, Zhunhui and others who know the details of our war. Who would that be? I have a vague impression that is not yet clear. The magnetic energy of the four walls gradually disappears. Heart a move, hurriedly raised his arms, dead light knife to the top of the elevator cut. jracking.com