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  1. How to Write a Memoir: Examples and a Step-by-Step Guide Storytelling is an art where a person stimulates the sensibilities of his or her readers and takes them on an emotional journey. It is important because the readers closely relate to the experiences which they are reading. Storytelling is not easy because it requires great mastery over diction as well as sentence structuring to narrate an experience that is emotionally compelling and engaging. Similarly, writing memoirs also demand a plan to the structure of the content that engages, stimulates, and compels the readers to continue on a journey which the writer has narrated in his or her memoir. Especially in writing spiritual memoirs, professional custom essay writing service needs to outline the transitioning moments of their life compellingly to add strength to their essays. The readers can easily lose to continue with the reading in the case of lack of engagement and interesting elements in memoirs, To write compelling autobiographies, the writer needs to understand the specific elements and structuring sequences. Once you have a close understanding of the needed elements to structure your memoir, you can easily add compelling elements to your content to heighten the interest of your readers. You should know that every good memoir revolves around one central theme that a person has experienced in his life. The inclusion of one main element enables your reader to remain stuck and keeps reading your memoir. Some key events in a good memoir may include discussing important places, people, religion, or spiritual experiences. Therefore, a memoir must explicitly highlight and explore these events in detail. I still remember whenever I started to write my paper, I did not know all these points and often got struck. My disappointment did not last long as soon I found an answer in the form of an essay writing service . It provided me with all details about writing a memoir that I am sharing with you. In the following section, I have provided you with a detailed guide about writing a good memoir. You will find all the needed sections and elements discussed below that must entail in a good memoir. Expert tips to craft a memoir Beginning With Stepping Stones This serves as an introductory section for your memoir. In the initial chapters or chapters, you begin with a brief background journey that led you to a spiritual reformation. In your initial chapters, you can begin with outlining your childhood, how you used to behave or act before your spiritual reformation or what worldviews you held before you transitioned to a religious path. Your stepping stone allows you to build the momentum to introduce your spiritual journey in a memoir. Intersect Multiple Timelines To write a compelling memoir, it is preferable if you intersect multiple timelines. An intersection can be achieved by using flashbacks or flash-forward techniques. For example, when I write my paper, I prefer beginning with my present while using flashbacks to introduce the audience to events that led me to the present circumstances. Embed Your Story In A Broader Social Context To make a memoir an interesting read for your readers, it is advised to situate your story in a larger social context. Embedding yourself in a social context to which your reader can relate so you should provide them with a wider margin to understand and relate to the sentiments, emotions, and experiences which you have narrated in your religious autobiography. Presenting Your Life In Pictures Adding pictorial elements to your memoir further strengthens and legitimizes your storyline. When writing a religious autobiographical assignment, it is advised to add as many pictorial references from your life you can. Visual elements add appeal to your content while allowing the readers to conjure up a graphical representation of the story which you have narrated in your memoir. If you don’t have the pictorial elements to add to your memoir, you can fill up this gap by using descriptive and pictorial language to sketch detailed imagery of the circumstances which you are narrating in your autobiography and you can also avail an online cheap essay writing service Highlight Your Personal Histories The central focus of your memoir should be your journey. Narrate your journey with depth and complexity. Before writing, take some time out to plan your content. Approach your life journey with multiple perspectives possible. From physical to spiritual development, explore every element in detail. Explicate how every element influenced your spiritual growth. Choose dynamic and versatile words You should avoid using passive contractions and the same slang over and over in your memoir. In the same way, do not use idioms that are difficult to comprehend. Remain as simple as you can so that you can narrate the event in its true gest in your memoir. Add every simple detail Details are the backbone of your memoir so you cannot leave any tiny detail. If you think something has come up irrelevant then write it by creating relevancy. When it comes to defining an idea, you need to be vigilant and it must include details in it. However, do not expand an idea or deal to the extent under which a reader may lose interest. Make your words speak You should know that readers do not know you personally so it would be a little difficult to connect with them. The best way is to use lively, active, exciting, descriptive, precise, and emotional words. If you know the use of literary devices then you can also use them as well in your memoir. Once you have all these elements aligned, your autobiography is good to go. We hope you have found this article helpful in improving the content of your memoir. Good Luck. More Resources : How to Write a Paper According to IEEE Format Avoiding Plagiarism: How to Quote and Paraphrase How to Cite IEEE in Your Paper : A Complete Guide 2022 How to Avoid Plagiarism - Common Mistakes & Tips
  2. Students fear nothing but research writing and I can tell that from my experience because I was once a student. Although, when you get familiar with research writing, your fear goes away but sometimes, one gets tired of following all the rules and can also get an online cheap essay writing service Yeah, I understand, however, it’s not as scary as I thought it would be once I tried to get the hang of it. If you are new to research writing and want to learn, you are at the right place. I remember from my school experience, I never liked to write essays, let alone research papers. I’d find ways to escape and had to ask my mother to write my essay whenever there was an assignment. She did not appreciate my fear of research writing but also, never said no because I think she knew I would flunk. Times have changed and I am no longer that person who is afraid of research papers or essays. Today, I would like to share some tips regarding the structure of the paper and to make sure you know how to convey a message through writing. What are some of the important factors when you hear a word research essay or research paper? Grammar and punctuation!! Yes, that is right because both are an integral part of any research paper and a message cannot be conveyed effectively if the paper is filled with grammatical errors. You will get a D on poorly structured paper with grammatical errors. Don’t worry, with little practice and learning, one can set the concepts right. Here are a few tips on punctuation and grammar that could save your neck when it comes to writing. Differentiate between commas and semicolons You have to know the difference between commas and semicolons to show that you are aware of the grammatical rules when it comes to academic writing. If you mix commas with semicolons, the message you want to convey gets all mixed up as well. The purpose of correct grammar is to make something more readable by using commas or semicolons. Use where comma has to be used and the same goes with semicolons. Any essay writing service would guide you better by providing you the grammar rules in detail. They might charge you some fee as well. You know comma is used for short breaks and semicolon is used for a long break; change their places and see how the message gets twisted. Use them where they belong!! Appropriate use of the Apostrophe: Many students use this quite wrong and I can say that they use apostrophes in the place of punctuation marks. You should know that apostrophe is used for specific and possessive contractions. For example: My boyfriend’s phone. It’s quite complicated. Here I have shown two examples, one that shows the possession of something (my boyfriend’s phone) and the other shows the contractions (it’s in place of it is). I hope these examples have made it clear for you to understand the difference between the two. So, use an apostrophe where it’s necessary. Know where to place quotation marks: This one is also a common mistake committed by students. One thing you must remember is that it is wrong of you to use full stops or commas after quotation marks. If you want to use it, use it before quotation marks, “I want to talk to the principal,” she said. The commas and full stop go inside the quotations mark and the rest go outside quotation marks. Avoid multiple punctuations at the end of a sentence: Another common mistake that students do is the usage of full stops after question marks. No, you can’t place a period after the question mark. It does not look good. It only shows the weak grasp of a writer over grammar. You can hire professional custom essay writing service to avoid any mistakes. You can get your essay checked by a professional essay writer to avoid grammatical errors. You cannot use it even at the end of the abbreviation. Thus, a single full stop suffices. Here is another example for you. “I saw him going out for a run at 5:00 a.m.” The single full stop is for abbreviation and the meaning has not been distorted either. There is no need for another full stop. Punctuation with parentheses: If you are writing a long sentence, the punctuation would be outside the brackets, even if the sentence is within the parenthesis box. When to use a colon: You can only use colon if you intend to introduce a list. If the sentence is incomplete, then its usage would be improper. You have to make sure that the preceding sentence makes sense before you add a colon. For example: All students must follow SOPs protocols such as masks, sanitizers, and maintaining social distance. Improper sentences will only confuse the readers. Alright, folks, these are some of the rules that I wanted you guys to remember. Memorize them, apply them to your writings, and always follow research paper guidelines if you want to write a well-established and error-free paper. Learn, make mistakes, and don’t repeat that mistake. This is my advice for you because I want you all to thrive in the writing department. More Resources : 5 Best Ways to Write an Autobiography Can You Plagiarize Yourself Without Any Intentions? How to Write a Good Academic Biography 5 Ways to Avoid Self-Plagiarism in Your Writing
  3. Have you ever run out of time but you have a paper to write? Or maybe you didn’t remember the exact deadline and thought you still had time? Every student goes through that at least once in his life. Student life is tough when students are studying as well as doing part-time jobs. This situation makes it hard for them to do things properly and meeting deadlines is one of them. This is the reason some students rely on essay writing service because they don’t have time to sit down and think about what to write in research papers when anxiety is through the roof. I went through the same and I bet some of you are still going through it. I must tell you that it is a part of student life and it’s normal, as it provides a learning experience After all, professional life isn’t a piece of cake. You will learn in this blog about how to write a research paper in crunch time. I will share the tips that I have learned through my experience. Now, it’s time to grab your coffee mugs, note pads, and pen because you are on a fun ride. I want to make sure that with these tips, you get nothing less but an A because being on deadline does not mean poor quality paper, so you don’t have to worry about that. When I was in school, I never had to worry about submitting papers before the deadline because school experience is different from college experience. Sometimes, I would just ask my friend to write my paper or get custom essay writing service because I was not interested in writing. This doesn’t happen when you step into college or at the postgraduate level. You have to step up your game. Let’s say you have 4-5 hours and you have to write a 5-10-page research paper and now, stress is killing you. First of all, take a deep breath because it’s doable in such a short amount of time. Next, you must: Schedule your time: You are already stressed and very anxious about this whole deadline thing. You might wanna dive into writing. Hold on, you are being unreasonable because it will only give you a tough time. You have to consider a few factors before you start writing your research paper. Allocate time for your research, compiling data, and finally formatting the paper and proofreading. This is important because otherwise, things could go wrong and you don’t want to do that because you are already on crunch time. At least you must have one hour for research, two hours for compilation of data, and one hour for formatting and proofreading. See, I have already made it easier for you. Write your thesis and introduction Both are important, but the thesis is more important as it gives the main idea to your paper. Think about the ways you can write your thesis. Please remember, don’t use flowery prose for the thesis, be concise, and use simple words. Do your research Whatever the topic is, before doing research, jot down what you know and what you want to say. This can be your introduction; craft a thesis statement afterward. It’s time to do the remaining research about the topic. You need to demonstrate the knowledge that you have understood by doing that research. Use Google to research the topic. Use the main keyword and the subtopic keyword to broaden your perspective. Jot down important points, highlight key facts and mark the references. Write draft Now that you have completed your research, it’s time to write a draft because you want to write down everything that you have understood and memorized. You can expand on it later on but first; the main idea has to be poured onto the paper. You can ask anyone to help you with the draft if you have trouble writing the draft or because you are on crunch time. Take help from professional essay writing service and they help you with the draft while you do the remainder of the work. it might save you some time, however, it is best you do it yourself. Body paragraphs As you have already written your draft, expanding on body paragraphs won’t be that difficult, but make sure you start your body paragraphs with topic sentences. Refer back to your thesis for this. Take a quick break Running out of time does mean you cannot take a break. Take a five-minute break to calm your nerves. Take deep breaths and drink water. This will help you think better. Create a conclusion You are done with body paragraphs and now it’s time to write a meaningful conclusion that would give the readers a take-home message. This has to be done within the two hours that you have allocated for allocation. Proofreading It’s time to proofread the paper. Run your paper through grammar checking software for grammatical mistakes and then, read the paper again, remove unnecessary details and add in important points. Format the paper Now you have one hour left, you have spent half an hour proofreading your paper. The remaining half an hour has to be about the format of the paper. Check the format and make sure you have formatted it according to the guidelines by online essay writing service Take a quick look Congratulations, you did it but you have to take a quick look at the paper and see how it’s looking. You have to make sure that it’s looking right. Submission The last step is the submission of your research paper. Finally, the moment has arrived when you have to submit this paper. Make sure you submit your paper 10-20 minutes earlier because sometimes, the system breaks down and it becomes harder to submit the paper on time. More Resources : The Best Strategy to Write an Autobiography: 5 Easy Steps Learn How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism in Acadmic Writing How to Write an Autobiography: 5 Key Steps How to Avoid Self-Plagiarism in Your Writing
  4. We've all been writing essays since we were in first grade. In our academic journey, the concept of an essay changes over time as we are exposed to basic subjects that gradually evolve into more complex essays as we go through the levels of education. When it comes to essay writing, it is necessary to follow several rules and conventions to write competent essays, and these rules and conventions vary depending on the kind of essay is written. Even though many people are acquainted with essay writing and deal with it daily, only a small number of people can perfect this talent throughout their lives. Because of this, many people, particularly students, find it difficult to fulfill the criteria of their instructors when it comes to producing competitive essays. However, with the growth of the academic writing business comes the proliferation of platforms that provide their lowest-cost essay writing service to students. These platforms are prepared to dispatch their specialists in assisting you with your academic requirements. Returning to the topic of essay writing abilities, you must use a diversity of diction and sentence types in your essays to make them a fascinating read. In this article, we will introduce you to the importance of adding variety in your sentences and how to add them with precision and accuracy. How to Include Sentence Variation There are several approaches you may use to spice up your essay writing. Consider the following scenario: you are chopping up a phrase into individual words and putting them in a paper bag. Get ready to shake things up! Did you break out in a little dance? Great. Now it's time to set out your phrase and experiment with it. Is it possible to create two sentences out of one? Can Dissertation Writing Services rewrite your sentence from the beginning? Try to convert your statement into a question. You could also consider adding another sentence if you believe your sentence is too short. If you have a very significant point to make, a renowned person may have said something along those lines. In other words, there may be a quotation that you can include in your work to make it stronger. Length of a Sentence Utilizing sentence lengths that are about the same across your whole document will decrease the likelihood that anything will stick out in your writing. Having a string of short phrases after another can make your writing seem jagged and disorganized. On the other hand, reading a string of lengthy phrases in a succession may be tough and monotonous at times. If you want to make sure your sentences are the proper length, read over your work and count the number of words in each phrase. For example, when I write my essay , make a list of everything I need to add to the document. This includes ensuring whether I have an excessive number of lengthy sentences? Is there a string of brief phrases following each other? Whether I need to add additional diversity to my phrases etc. You may want to try merging a few sentences or breaking down larger ones. Types of Sentences To begin, let us examine the four major kinds of simple phrases that we will be discussing later. Simple sentences include just one clause. The most frequent form of a declarative statement is as follows: "The sky is blue." Interrogative sentences usually include a question. For example: What is the reason for the blue sky? An exclamatory sentence is used to show surprise or emotion. For example What a brilliant blue sky! Imperative Sentences are used to give an order or instruction. For example: Do not go outdoors! More sophisticated sentences include "compound" sentences (which combine two sentences with conjunction) and "complex" sentences (using at least one dependent clause and one independent clause). To construct these sentences, you must be familiar with the usage of conjunctions, adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases, conditionals, and noun phrase constructions. Begin your Sentences Using New Words The secret to rapidly and successfully enhancing your writing is to begin each sentence, even within the same paragraph, with a new word. It seems to be straightforward, doesn't it? That is since it is. Here's a simple, step-by-step tutorial as to how you can achieve that: Pay close attention to transitions: Consider how each sentence in the paragraph is linked to the other sentences. Using the phrase "in contrast" when comparing ideas, or "adding to that notion" when writing about a particular procedure, is appropriate. While revising, pay close attention to transitions: It may be more convenient for you to put off worrying about sentence starts until after you've completed your writing project altogether. This is particularly true if you are just starting as a writer. What method would you use to do this? Go back over your original work and underline the beginning of each phrase. If you discover that you have repeated the same transition word more than once in a paragraph, you will need to choose another transition word and change the phrase. To select a transition word, just consider how the phrase is linked to the one that came before it. Furthermore, if the phrase adds information, essay writer might opt to use the word "furthermore," and if it contrasts with the sentence before it, you could choose to use the word "on the other hand" to emphasize the difference. Things to Keep in Mind When Adding Sentence Variation Consider the kind of writing you are undertaking. It is unlikely that a term paper, for example, that is composed only of simple declarative phrases would be well received by your professor. It will be seen as being overly typical, immature, and snobbish by the reader. However, if you're sending a brief email to a buddy, succinct phrases may have a greater effect than long paragraphs since they are easier to read. Take into consideration your target audience. As an essay writer if you are new to English language studies, your teacher may want to see you show how you will utilize dependent clauses in complicated sentences if you are not already familiar with the language. For those who have been speaking English from birth and are participating in a demonstration or event, you should modify your speech such that it includes imperative phrases or rhetorical questions to make your point more effectively. Go back through your essay or term paper one more time. You should read your paper aloud if you notice that you have used the same sentence forms repeatedly. This will ensure that your work has an appropriate flow and that it does not seem overly long-winded. A paragraph should be concluded with a clear, declarative phrase that interests your readers after a collection of compound-complex sentences. There you go with a detailed guide as to how you can add variety in your sentences to make your essay look more appealing and interesting for the reader. We hope that using this guide, you will be able to achieve your target goals. Good Luck.