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  1. Ramadan Calendar For 2023

    The Ramadan Calendar 2023 has been revised to include all of the relevant information, including the current times for sehri and iftar, as well as the times for today's prayers. For the convenience of readers, this page has been updated to reflect the correct dates on the Gregorian calendar for the time of Ramadan Calendar 2023. Discover the accurate Ramadan calendar for the year 2023 for all of the major Islamic legal systems, or fiqh, such as the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi, Hanbali, and Jafari systems.
  2. Surah Isra In PDF Version & Translation

    It is a fantastic resource for spiritual direction and offers a thorough grasp of the Prophet Muhammad's remarkable journey (peace be upon him). The PDF version of Surah Isra is simple to read and comprehend, and it aids us in better comprehending the lovely idea of the night voyage. It also enables us to grasp the significance of Makkah, the Holy City, to Islam. The translation of Surah Isra offers a clearer comprehension of the Quran's teachings and its many verses. For Muslims, it is a fantastic source of enlightenment and direction spiritually.
  3. The Islamic Center of Reseda, the Islamic Center of Burbank, the Islamic Center of Glendale, and countless other mosques and Islamic community centres play an important role in educating Muslims about Islamic issues. Los Angeles Prayer Times 2022 - United States FAJR 5:29 AM SUNRISE 6:42 AM DHUHR 11:43 AM ASR 2:25 PM MAGHRIB 4:44 PM ISHA 5:57 PM