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  1. Now I have lost contact with the marshal. If anything happens, no one will be able to help me. Reconnaissance waves spread out in all directions like octopuses, and soon most of the situation at the base became clear. I can't help but be surprised, because the scale of the rebel base is really too large to be underestimated. It would be more appropriate to call this base an underground city. Under my all-pervasive reconnaissance radio waves, the base is an octagonal underground castle composed of eight units, seven of which are military industrial, research and training centers for military purposes, and only one unit is used for residential purposes. Under my induction, the total number of the rebel headquarters is at least more than 200,000 people, and 40% of them are in the prime of life. It will be able to form an army of 80,000 men, and with Dagassi's superior technology, it has enough power to threaten the federal government. I don't know how many such bases there are? Assuming that there are a certain number of centrifuges in the federal government who are biased towards them and cooperate with the rebels when they are launched, it is unthinkable that they will cause great damage. But the marshal can rest assured, because I have infiltrated here, unfortunately,drive in racking system, my signal wave can not be sent out, otherwise in twenty-four hours, the marshal's most elite first legion, can mercilessly destroy everything here. But now it's up to me. Feng Lingmei and I sat in a small flying car passing through the underpass between units and headed for the underground city in the southeast. Feng Lingmei was silent and her face was calm, so that I could not see her inner world at all. If I could introduce you to Dargassi right away. According to common sense, they should take me to the underground city for people to live in, let me rest for a while, get used to the environment here, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,mobile racking systems, eat something, after so many twists and turns, ordinary people should feel very tired. But now I'm on my way to the southeast military zone, and there must be some hidden purpose. The flying car passed through the wide flight path and flew into the huge space of the southeast underground city. The buildings were arranged in more than ten rows in an orderly manner. The space between the buildings was of different sizes. It was incredibly covered with flowers and trees, making it more like a garden than a military fortress. Four artificial suns shed warm and comfortable sunlight on the steel roof of the underground city, and my induction waves cut into the sunlight and soon came to an analysis that surprised me. This artificial sunlight is 97.5 times closer to the real sunlight, and everything else is simulated except that there is no solar particle storm caused by hydrogen fusion in the sun. But this achievement has made it hard to doubt Hanway's claim that Dagassi has transformed the power of the world outside the city, as evidenced by the green world on the ground outside. I can also imagine that the rebels can use the artificial sun under the spacecraft to give plants the most important light and heat to transform the natural environment that has been destroyed for countless years. But why should the marshal oppose this plan that is beneficial and harmless to mankind! The flying car landed on one of the round buildings. I followed Feng Lingmei out of the car. There is a small square room at the top of the building, which seems to be the way down. Feng Lingmei came to the room and pointed to the button beside the door. The door slid to both sides like running water. It turned out to be an elevator. Feng Lingmei turned to look at me with a strange look in her eyes: "Please go in!" I stepped into it calmly. Feng Lingmei did not follow. "You?" I asked in astonishment. Feng Lingmei said indifferently, "Of course someone will greet you." Close the door. Falling down. I felt so wrong that I sent the induction waves out. The most shocking thing happened to me. I had come here after several hardships since I stepped out of the Federal Hotel, but I had never lost my sense of proportion as I did now. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m [Volume I] Chapter 8 Soul Search t.xt. Small .. Say ... God . Don This is not an ordinary elevator, but a cell made of a heavy metal with compressed magnetic energy. I can imagine that the energy transmission lines that intricately connect the elevator one by one send the huge magnetic field of a certain energy source into the magnetic radioactive metal in the wall immediately after I step into the elevator, which catches me off guard. I fell into a trap. Even with my sun-breaking light knife, I have no ability to break the magnetic wall made of up to 20 watts of magnetic force. The elevator stopped. There's no movement. Although I can't see or hear anything outside this small space, the other party can't talk to me or observe me with any equipment. Because with current technology, no signal can penetrate this super-energetic force field. On the one hand, I am amazed at the ultra-advanced technology of the rebel party, and on the other hand, I am also using my brains. Where on earth did I show a flaw and let them use this method against me? They have started to test my identity one after another, and I have also passed through one pass after another. Why did I suddenly see through my identity just before I saw Dagassi. Where did it go wrong? A flash of inspiration flashed through my mind. Unless someone betrayed me? Who would that be? The number of people who know my true identity is very limited. One image after another flashed through my mind. Suddenly a very uncomfortable feeling spread from the cranial nerves to the whole body. Every inch of muscle is squeezed by a strange pressure. I swore angrily. They intend to increase the energy of the force field, and the force can be like six invisible but qualitative boulders, pressing on me in all directions. There was a dizziness in my mind, but it disappeared in an instant. I see what they're trying to do. They tried to knock me out. But I am a super soldier, the strength of the nerve is a hundred times stronger than ordinary people, Shan Jie absolutely can not withstand, but not me. And a thought flashed through my mind. This means that they still do not know that I am a soldier who has been reformed by Ma Jieneng, but still regard me as Shan Jie, which shows that the person who betrays me will not be Marshal, Ma Jieneng,push back racking system, Zhunhui and others who know the details of our war. Who would that be? I have a vague impression that is not yet clear. The magnetic energy of the four walls gradually disappears. Heart a move, hurriedly raised his arms, dead light knife to the top of the elevator cut. jracking.com
  2. I lack you in the five elements.

    Emotional drama will definitely be there, but the pot is more weak, and the husband is very introverted, emotional development will certainly not play straight ball, can only take it slowly, otherwise it feels a bit of collapse. Chapter 55 dry bones. After checking, several people did not find anything strange in the toilet on the third floor. The library has five floors, the fourth floor is the electronic reading and multimedia area, and the fifth floor is the office area for the staff. Several people went to the fourth floor and turned on the lights on this floor. Where are the other ghosts? Lin Jue said, "I saw the teacher downstairs and helped her cross over with the paper." Lin Zhushui hesitated a little, took a few steps forward, chose a relatively open place, and pulled out the rest of the things in the bag one by one. The items were all found in jars on the playground and have been identified as belonging to the students who were killed. After putting things on the ground, Lin Zhushui waved to Zhou Jiayu. Zhou Jiayu stepped forward to Lin Zhushui's side. His hand hanging by his side was suddenly grasped by Lin Zhushui. Zhou Jiayu's heart tightened. Just as he was about to ask a question, he heard Lin Chushui whisper, "I need a little of your blood." Zhou Jiayu said good, then saw Lin Zhushui did not know where to take out a thin needle, in Zhou Jiayu's index finger pricked a small cut. Blood beads emerged from the index finger,shuttle rack system, and Lin Zhushui dipped his fingertips in Zhou Jiayu's blood and began to draw symbols on the floor. Zhou Jiayu is not the first time to see Lin Chushui draw charms, but his smooth technique is still pleasing to the eye. Fu array looks and complex, Zhou Jiayu was a little worried that a little blood is not enough, but did not expect Lin Zhushui or easily finished a stroke. Diluted blood, showing a faint orange, when the last outline is completed, suddenly a gust of wind outside the window. The windows were rattling,warehousing storage solutions, and even the glass was rattling, as if something was trying to squeeze into the room from the dark night. After the gale, the quiet fourth floor of the library began to ring some strange sounds, which seemed to be squeezed out of people's throats. Zhou Jiayu always felt as if he had heard it somewhere. When he thought about it carefully, he found that the sound effect of a female ghost in a horror movie was almost seven or eight points similar. In the darkness in the distance, something began to move slowly towards here. Zhou Jiayu can only be glad in his heart that this is a reality, not a horror film, at least there is no BGM occasion. Who knows he just thought so, the thing in the darkness suddenly appeared. It was five ferocious spirits, some crawling, some standing, some clinging to the ceiling, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, but without exception, they were all wearing the school uniform. There is no doubt that they are the victims who have lost their lives. Lin Zhushui sighed softly, with a little pity in his tone. "It's over," he said. "Let's leave." The moment his words fell, Zhou Jiayu heard the sound of playing more outside the window. As soon as this sound appeared, Zhou Jiayu immediately remembered that when his soul was out of body, he had heard Yin Cha playing such a tune in that street. What he didn't expect was that Lin Chushui's amulet array could call Yin Cha directly. The rhythm of the voice was very special. The five ferocious spirits in front of them seemed to be attracted by the voice and began to move towards the wall, but when their bodies were about to touch the wall, they seemed to be stopped by something and could not move any further. When Lin Zhushui reached the position against the wall, he had five more nails in his hand, which were half the length of his palm, showing a light golden color, and looked very beautiful. He grasped the nails and plunged them into the wall one by one. The hard wall looked like tofu in front of Lin Zhushui. All five nails were easily inserted, and then Lin Zhushui's hand clapped heavily on the wall. "Roar!" There was a loud scream in the library, which sounded like the roar of a wounded beast, and the next moment, the floor of the library began to shake violently, as if it had been an earthquake. Zhou Jiayu was startled, but he saw that the wall where Lin Zhushui plunged into the nail began to slowly flow black and red blood. "Go," said Lin Chu-shui. The bodies of the five resentful spirits standing in place slowly penetrated the wall and headed outside. Zhou Jiayu looked back and saw that all the objects placed on the ground by Lin Zhushui had turned to ashes. It seemed that the five evil spirits had indeed been freed from the library by Lin Zhushui. But in that case, what was the roar they heard just now, and the vibration under their feet-Zhou Jiayu was thinking so, but suddenly noticed that Li Jinjiang standing beside him had a strange expression. But Li Jinjiang usually has been very afraid of these things, the expression is almost not normal, so he did not think much, but think about whether he is uncomfortable, concerned about the sentence: "Are you all right?"? Li Jinjiang? Li Jinjiang opened his mouth and said a very low voice. "What?" Asked Zhou Jiayu. He stepped forward to hear more clearly, but Li Jinjiang, standing in front of him, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed his arm heavily. Then, Li Jinjiang opened his mouth-countless black hair gushed out of his mouth and came towards Zhou Jiayu. Zhou Jiayu could not react, and the whole person was wrapped in black hair. These things only happened in a moment, Zhou Jiayu did not even remember to call out the words of help, he felt his body was quickly lifted, then suddenly fell, the floor under him, collapsed. "What is this?" Zhou Jiayu forced himself to calm down and called out the eight sacrifices in his mind. Sacrifice eight says: "Dirty thing..." Zhou Jiayu: ".." If there is nothing wrong in the world, it will always be nonsense. Okay, I'm kidding. Sacrifice eight doesn't seem to be nervous at all. "Don't be afraid. I've calculated. You have a long life. You can't die. Don't you have a piece of paper in your arms?"? Hold it in your hand, and if that thing dares to touch you, it will rush up and stick to him. Zhou Jiayu: ".." Why does the tone of Ji Ba's voice become more and more social. Wrapped in black hair,warehouse pallet racks, it is not a comfortable thing, especially the smooth touch, which always makes people have some unpleasant associations. jracking.com
  3. The realm of longevity

    Magnificent breath, overwhelming Kyushu! At the same time, at the mouth of the sea, the sound of Zulong roared and shook the sky. Three Zulong were entangled with each other and circled against the Yellow River, dancing their huge bodies in the air. Kailong clan has never been prosperous, three Zulong came to the world at the same time, and rushed to Honghuang Zulong Village! Sorry, update tomorrow afternoon. Sorry, I can't update tonight. I will update tomorrow afternoon. Chapter 666 Primogenitor Dragon. The three ancestral dragons fought for the front and roared in the sky, which was a grand occasion that the Kailong clan had never seen before. The whole body is black, as thick as a mountain, churning, like an ancient black magic mountain. At the other end, the whole body was red, as if stained with blood, and the huge scales were like pools of blood embedded in the body, which was awe-inspiring. The third head is silver-gray, like molten iron, and the huge dragon eyes are like two open lakes dotted on the huge dragon head. Three ancestral dragons, each of whose horns are sharp and hard, shining with brilliance, not to mention the sharp claws of the dragon, which have a cold metallic luster shining, making people suspect that they can directly grasp the sun, moon and stars. Xiao Chen recognized at a glance that it was the Black Dragon King, the Red Dragon King, and the Inverse Dragon King who were promoted to the ultimate holy dragon of the ancestral dragon! In the past year,shuttle rack system, there were more than a dozen little dragon kings fighting for the front. Until today, it was really revealed who was the real king. After thirty thousand years of grinding, the mysterious veil was finally revealed. -,,,,,” A roar of the dragon shook the rivers and mountains, the Black Dragon King's back sent out bursts of clangorous sound, a huge sword slowly pulled out from its spine, shining with dazzling light, the sun in the sky was completely eclipsed. At that time, the Black Dragon King once followed Niu Ren, and got the most precious sword of the Dragon Clan in the forest clan and the barbarian clan. Its power is beyond doubt. It is one of the best in the Little Dragon King, and it is natural to be promoted to Zulong. As for the Red Dragon King,cantilever racking system, it is an alternative, born bloodthirsty and warlike, red as blood, as if it foreshadowed its life full of blood and killing. As a matter of fact, this is indeed the case. After the Red Dragon King was separated from the Dugu Sword Demon in the past year, he experienced many bloody battles, fought with hundreds of clans, and fought fiercely with the pursuers of the other world. The dragon's body was broken by no less than dozens of cuts. It can be said that it is a miracle that it can survive. This is a red blood ancestor dragon breaking through in a desperate situation! As for the inverse dragon king, there is no need to elaborate, he is a natural dragon in the dragon clan, step by step, is growing up from adversity, very practical. Born, do not compare with other small dragon king, is a fierce battle with the general dragon, each time scarred, very weak, but it has an indomitable fighting spirit, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, struggling to survive and grow up. An ordinary little dragon perseveres in the pursuit of transformation, eventually grows into a war ancestor, and then sublimates into a ancestor dragon. Its success is related to its own efforts. It is congenitally deficient and makes up for it the day after tomorrow. Xiao Chen has witnessed the miracle of the little stubborn dragon's growth. The three-headed ancestral dragon was born and came to the sky over the village of Zulong, hovering over the solidified Yellow River. Naturally, this kind of different appearance of gods and demons has aroused great concern in the unknown science and technology, and they carefully and carefully monitor everything here. I had daggers, and 113 archosaurs roared. They fought with each other, and their huge bodies occupied the whole sky. The essence left by the first ancestor dragon was sensed by the three-headed ancestor dragon at the moment of opening, and even the same clan could not give way to each other at the moment. The purple jade bracelet is sealed with a trace of the spirit of the ancestor dragon. The moment it returns to the Yellow River itself, it activates the huge vitality of the ancestor dragon. This is a fatal temptation for the Dragon Clan, which is as powerful as the Black Dragon King, the Red Dragon King and the Inverse Dragon King. Boom. The three-headed ancestor dragon swooped down and circled above the solidified Yellow River, fighting for the orthodoxy of the ancestor dragon and inheriting everything of the ancestor dragon. The three-headed ancestor dragon did not give way to each other. It's not that they don't want to make progress, but the message left by the ancestor dragon, let them compete, inherit, the strong are respected, the ancestor dragon wants to build a higher foundation for the winner. With a flash of light, the tall buildings standing on the original site of Zulong Village in the distance were blown up by the wind like gauze and fell lightly in the distance. "Boom!" The rest of the open space suddenly moved, and the village of Zulong, which had disappeared for more than 30,000 years, appeared. However, it seems very far away, as if it is at another end of the universe, separated by endless stars, separated by infinite time, and separated by an unbridgeable gap. Xiao Chen was so excited that his body almost trembled. For thirty thousand years, he has always been a wanderer away from home, unable to return home, unable to meet relatives, that kind of feeling is very unbearable. At present, Zulong Village suddenly reappeared, which was really beyond his preparatory course. Vaguely, Xiao Chen understood that the appearance of the rented dragon boat had a great connection with the purple jade bracelet. In the past year, the old man in the village once told him that strange things had happened many times in the ancient village of Honghuang since ancient times, such as the whole village sleeping and the disappearance of the ancient village, but every thousand years later, the ancient village would appear automatically. The purple jade bracelet has a long history and has been preserved in the ancient village of Honghuang. Thirty thousand years ago, he lost the jade bracelet carelessly, which led to the failure of Zulong Village to reappear. Long Yin shook for nine days, and the three ancestral dragons rushed to the village of Zulong after complaining. Xiao Chen suddenly woke up and stepped forward, but before he left, he put away the broken purple jade bracelet on the ground. Four shadows have disappeared into the time and space of that piece of nothingness. Like a landscape painting, plain waist dim, fog surging, seemingly very close, endless distance. After entering this special area, I did not really step into Zulong Village, but I could not see it, which gave people a vague feeling that it was really very far away, like a universe. Roar.. A deafening dragon song shook all the heavens and all the worlds, and the ancestor dragon struggled! The petrified Yellow River, slowly spiraling up, also flew towards Zulong Village, slowly sinking into it. This time, even alarmed the heaven, there is a powerful stone king to explore the terrible mind, toward here scanning. The ancient prehistoric antiques have been alarmed,wire mesh decking, which is enough to show that things are unusual. As for the technological civilization of Kyushu, they are scanning quickly and recording all kinds of data for analysis. They are rational and restrained, and have not taken any radical actions. jracking.com
  4. The heart gradually calms down, exhibition Lin this just has the leisure to look at the surrounding environment carefully. This place seems to be far away from the city of Thebes in the wilderness, the continuous valley in the sun refracted a kind of pale light, people can not help but see the throat dry. The valley is not necessarily high and steep, but the extended road is very long, and in some places there will be a sudden passage. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you don't know where you will be taken. Soon, she noticed that the ground under her feet was flashing in front of her eyes through the rocks, and it seemed that it was only a matter of time before she reached her destination. You owe me. Unexpectedly, the voice sounded overhead, which surprised Zhan Lin, who was looking down. Looked up, right in front of a flash of Aurasis. He was still focused on the road ahead, and the line of his lips was straight, as calm as his eyes. I Afraid of the hallucination caused by the wind, she hesitated for a moment, and then Zhan Lin asked. Yes At the same time, the horse's hooves slipped on the edge of the mountain path. A stagger startled Zhan Lin in a cold sweat, and startled Anu to raise his head from Zhan Lin and glance angrily at the less attentive rider. When I get back, I'll ask you to pay me back. Steadily holding the horse's body,heavy duty cantilever racks, Aurasis glanced at Zhan Lin, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and raised his hand with a whip. The speed remained the same, and there was no relief from the stumble just now. Zhan Lin felt some cramps in her stomach. Just as he was about to slow down a little, he saw his eyes freeze in the distance, and then his face suddenly changed! "Oh.." "Hold on!" Pharaoh (Part III) As soon as his body was stretched, Aurasis suddenly raised his hand to rein the reins back and let out a sharp whistle in his mouth. At the same time, the whole body of his horse suddenly shook,industrial racking systems, as if he had tripped over something, too late to stop, it neighed, slanted its head, and fell straight down the canyon outside the path! Zhan Lin's body swung out at the moment the horse fell down the mountain path, subconsciously hugging Anu in her arms, her back tightened, and the downward trend suddenly stopped. Struggling to look back, it turned out that his clothes had been grabbed in the palm of his hand, while his other hand was clasped tightly on a protruding stone on the side of the path. Because of inertia, the hand had already been cut by the stone, and the blood spread rapidly among the gravel around it. Don't move. Said in a low voice, and at the same time Zhan Lin felt the body of Aurasis exert a little force in the direction of the top. So she took care to stabilize her body so as not to impose a greater burden on him. Anu seemed to have fainted, lying in her arms, heavy duty metal racks ,asrs warehouse, motionless. Aurasis's foot found a fulcrum, his hand clenched on the stone, and he worked up again, with all his strength. The upper part of his body poked out on the mountain path, and he just wanted to take this opportunity to raise his hand and grab the root of an old tree beside the mountain path, but when he looked up and saw several figures waving knives at him, his hands "clicked" a crisp sound. Zhan Lin only felt her whole body sinking rapidly. Although Aurasis was still trying to find anything to climb and catch, the tendency to fall was too fast, and his body kept crashing into the rock wall between pause and fall. Fortunately, because his body was behind him, he had to increase some of the buffer. Finally, after the last impact, not knowing whether it was because of weakness or being knocked unconscious, Aurasis failed to grasp any more fetters, loosened his hand, and fell down a slope with Zhan Lin and Anu. The last point of consciousness is that the body collides with the hard slope. As Zhan Lin's body, entwined with Aurasis, continued to roll down the slope, her eyes darkened and she completely lost all consciousness as she felt the shock of turning over rivers and seas, accompanied by her own weakness. When I woke up, there was almost no feeling in my limbs. Even Zhan Lin did not know whether she was still alive or not. The head is very dizzy, because the yellow sky above the head is waving in front of the eyes. Then she heard a vague moan: "Mmm …" His eyes turned, and soon he caught a glimpse of a black figure on the side, his front legs struggling on the ground, his head shaking slightly, and his half-closed eyes trying to get up from the ground. It's Anu. It probably let go in a coma halfway down the slope, so it fell out of its arms and rolled down to that place. It's quite dangerous, because one step further is the edge of the mountain, hundreds of meters away from the ground. Zhan Lin breathed a sigh of relief. Struggling to sit up, I was caught off guard, and my cheeks were hot and wet. Startled, she looked back and saw Aurasis crouching beside her, bowing her head less than a few millimeters away from her, sticking out her tongue and looking at herself happily with a very strange smile. Seeing Zhan Lin's eyes looking at him, he grinned and licked her face again with his tongue sticking out. Hello Exclaimed, too late to consider how Aurasis suddenly made such a strange move, Zhan Lin's face hurriedly slanted back. The wound in her neck was so painful that the corners of her mouth twitched. At the same time, there was a low curse behind him: "Ihanuru, you damn.." The voice suddenly stopped, and then there was a dead silence. The only thing left in the air was the gasp of Aurasis when he approached Zhan Lin: "Ha ha.." Ha ha ha Ha Always feel.. Something's not right. Exhausting her strength to avoid the sudden inexplicable entanglement of Ourachis, which made her unappetizing, Zhan Lin turned her head and glanced at the place where Anu was lying. Anu had already stood up, not knowing if he had suffered any injuries, and his front legs were shaking slightly, as if he could not grasp the balance. Aware of Zhan Lin's eyes, his eyes slowly turned from his paws to her eyes,warehouse storage racks, and then a strange thing flashed from his green eyes and slowly spread. If Zhan Lin is not wrong, the name of that thing is panic. Nope Shaking his head, he stepped back and looked at Zhan Lin and Olasis behind her in disbelief. "No.." 。 jracking.com
  5. Ao Shi Yan Tian

    I didn't expect to be promoted to two realms, but I didn't go up and kiss Aofang passionately to express my gratitude. When my strength improves, I will help you improve again. I believe it won't be long before another prince will be born in the blood clan, that is, Prince Nicholas! "The prince." The prince's voice echoed in Nicholas's ears. You go back to England now and find a chance to arrange for me to meet Prince Hamill! "Yes!" Nicholas was extremely deferential to Ao Fang. Also, now that your strength has improved, I believe your status in your clan should be improved a lot, and you should be able to manage part of the blood clan, right? "Well, dukes above generally ignore the affairs of the clan, unless it is very important,tile profile factory, there are many members of the blood clan, all over the world, each Marquis can rule a lot of people!" "Well, is there a race like yours in this world?" "The wolves of America!" "Wolf Clan?"? What does it have to do with your blood? "It doesn't matter. It's just a competitor in business. Both of our races believe in demons!" "Do you know what rare birds and beasts there are in the world?" "What does the master want to do with rare birds and beasts?" "The inner elixir of the beast is the best material for refining elixirs. If it is only refined with ordinary materials, the effect will not be so good,aluminum tile trim, and the success rate will not be so high!" "I'll go back and find out about my father. He's been with Prince Hamill all day. He should have heard of it!" "Well, this is my cell phone number. Call me directly if you have something to do!" Ao Fang gave his private number to Nicholas. OK …… When Aofang returned to the hotel, he was thinking about the next plan of Tianlong Club when his cell phone rang in his pocket. Hello "I'm Li Ying. Are you free now?" "Yes!" "Then please come to my office and I have arranged your position for you!" "All right, I'll come at once!" …… The re-arrival of Aofang undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the office of the Personnel Department of King Group. Walking through the'crowded 'corridor, Aofang came to the door of Li Ying's office. Knock! "" Come in! " "General Manager Li!" "Ao Fang, please sit down!" Li Ying is very enthusiastic about Aofang, and she doesn't know what she is thinking. After they sat down on the sofa, Li Ying took out a list of names. Our King of England is one of the largest entertainment groups in Hong Kong. We often go to various places to discover potential new people. Of course, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, the old ones will not give up. It just depends on the popularity to decide how to deal with them. Whether they are new or old, if they are not exposed for a long time, their popularity will decline sharply. I believe you know this. Ao Fang nodded. That's why I have a career as a broker. Brokers not only help artists sign entertainment companies, but also try to improve their popularity and exposure from time to time. As for how to do it, they have their own tricks! Li Ying took the list to Ao Fang. Didn't you say you wanted to work behind the scenes? In fact, I think it's more suitable to go to the front of the stage! "Oh, General Manager Li doesn't seem to give up!" "Yes, your condition is so good that I really don't want you to miss such a good opportunity!" "Too bad I'm not interested in being a star!" "Don't be so sure, the world is not absolute, or I'll make a bet with you!" "Bet?" "What's the bet?" Asked Ao Fang with a smile. "Since you think you are more suitable to be behind the scenes, and I think you are more suitable to be in front of the stage, the list in your hand is full of singers whose popularity has declined sharply. They have been almost forgotten. They have released one or two albums before, but the sales are very poor. Let's bet on whether you can bring one of them back to life. How about that?"? Do you dare to bet with me? Chapter 6 Broker "Oh, General Manager Li seems to have the victory in hand!" "That's not true, but I think you are more suitable to be a singer than an unknown manager, that's all!" "What is the bet?" "If I win, you will be the contract singer of our company. If you win, I recommend you to the company as the ace manager. This bet is only good for you in any way!" "Ace Broker?"? General Manager Li, don't you think I'm a little too young? "If you can really make these people the focus of the media again, the title of the ace broker belongs to you!" "So these people are difficult?" "Oh, yes, if they didn't have a contract with the company first, the company would have ignored them long ago. The company hasn't arranged any plans for them now. It's very challenging. If you admit defeat now, it's not too late!" "I don't have the word to admit defeat in my heart. Well, I promise you that I will choose myself!" Lao Tzu is a half-immortal. Isn't it easy to make a has-been singer popular? This job is too easy. That's all right Ao Fang opened the list, and there were photos and profiles of the singers and stars under the King of England. Sure enough, they are all has-beens! "No wonder Li Ying said that these people are very difficult to operate.". Yes, I choose him! Ao Fang said,tile trim factory, pointing to a photo of a singer on the list. Are you sure? Ao Fang nodded affirmatively. This man has been almost forgotten in the past two years! "So it shows my strength better, doesn't it?" Ao Fang said with a confident face. Ha ha, pretty self-conscious. jecatrims.com
  6. Fly up again

    In the two men's joint hunting of the red-fronted alien, Lu Xuan himself undertook 80% of the work. Although Yin Quan undertakes 20% of the work, the return can be said to be less than 2%, which is very unbalanced. For Lu Xuan, this is a matter of no way, the opportunity is not that I do not give you this partner, but that you can not grasp your own physical condition. Take a break and wait for them to catch up. Lu Xuan said, sitting cross-legged on a slightly flat rock, because he absorbed too much of the "golden hormone" of the red forehead, he could not be as calm as before. Quickly and completely consume all energy gained during normal activity. It should be said that because the energy obtained now is too huge and crazy, he must concentrate on opening the three cores and efficiency of the True Qi system. Use the maximum power to deal with the unabsorbed golden hormone in the body. But this time. The role of the three True Qi cores is to promote, not to absorb. After repeated calculations by Lu Xuan, the total amount of golden hormone remaining in the body at present, if completely absorbed, will directly break through from the end of congenital level 12 to congenital level 13. The intense change of energy, so that Lu Xuan's breath constantly enlarged, but at this time standing coldly beside Lu Xuan Yin Quan,stainless tile trim, but was attracted by another breath. Compared with the close breath of Lu Xuan, the breath from the depths of the underground palace, although far away, is more intense! A huge biological wave filled the air, which made Yin Quan palpitate. Yin Quan has been accompanied by Sun Bonian, president of the Chinese Ancient Martial Arts Association. It can be said that she has seen countless top players. This experience makes her indifferent even in the face of powerful roles. But at the moment, the powerful biological breath,stainless steel tile trim, but let her have a kind of indescribable discomfort, blood circulation and heart movement, almost uncontrollably out of order. Yin Quan knows very well that this is a biological instinct. When a weak species faces another absolutely powerful species, the instinctive biological reaction will destroy all the defenses of the weak species. This feeling is like the feeling of all creatures facing the dragon in the legend. The pressure of the dragon is enough to make most creatures instinctively fear and escape. Feeling wave after wave of "terror breath", Yin Quan had an illusion in an instant, perhaps deep in the underground palace of this vein, there was really a golden dragon sleeping, not a ferocious alien queen. If you want to retreat, it's not too late. When Yin Quan heard Lu Xuan's indifferent voice, he turned around and found Lu Xuan sitting cross-legged and had already opened his eyes. Lu Xuan, who has completely absorbed the remaining "golden adrenaline" in his body, has become more powerful in the breath emanating from his body. Obviously, aluminium edge trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, he has succeeded in breaking through the physical training level to the congenital level 13. Lu Xuan cast his cold and powerful eyes on Yin Quan, making her very uncomfortable. Lu, I have no intention of running away, and I believe that no matter what the process is, the final victory belongs to me alone. Yin Quan, with a frosty face, said word by word. Chapter 220 of the main text. Black Dragon Novel Net Update Time: 2009-7-17 23:20:42 Words in this chapter: 7111 "Lu, I have no intention of running away, and I believe that no matter what the process is, the final victory belongs to me alone." Yin Quan leaned proudly in front of a rock wall, her eyes were still sharp as before, but her face was pale and could not be concealed. The alien queen's powerful "biological wave" strongly affects all creatures that enter its habitat. In fact, Lu Xuan and Yin Quan have not yet reached the core of the place, Yin Quan's strong reaction, but also with her super-sensitive sense of martial arts, just like some creatures with a particularly developed sense of smell, but easily hurt by some irritating odor. Yin Quan stepped into the edge of the "alien queen" field, because her warrior's "keen touch" withstood the violent impact, she had to adjust her body for a period of time to adapt to this inescapable terrorist impact. As for Lu Xuan, who is as strong as a monster in both his mental system, there is no sign of being affected by the "biological fluctuation of the alien queen". As soon as he enters this small mine, he defuses himself and attracts the "booty" golden adrenaline. In the process of waiting for his companions to catch up, the two men in the mine stopped talking. Lu Xuan is recuperating, he is very clear, before fighting with the alien queen, he still has a barrier to break through. That is the alien queen's most "elite" personal guard, Lu Xuan predicted that the last personal guard should have a number of no less than 40 "red forehead fighting alien.". They are all the most brave and skillful attacking creatures in this nest. Although they will gain a lot of benefits, they will also consume a lot of Lu Xuan's physical strength. Because of this penultimate battle, Lu Xuan is almost certain that Yin Quan is not helpful, not that she lost the ability to attack under the pressure of the "alien queen". But Lu Xuan knew, with Yin Quan's strength. Five minutes later, her body's adjustment should be over. Once adapted to the biological fluctuations of the alien queen, even if it is close, it will not have too much negative impact on Yin Quan. The reason why she did not shoot in the penultimate battle was that she could not get a piece of the cake, and that she would certainly use the strength she had saved from now on to deal with the "alien queen". After all, at the bottom of the vein, everyone's ultimate goal is the "alien queen". The last barrier can only be broken through by Lu Xuan himself. Lu Xuan, who had been sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly stood up. Are you ready to go? My body adjustment is not over yet. What can I do? Yin Quan,stainless steel tile edging, leaning against the wall, said coldly. It doesn't matter. You can get there before you encounter the alien queen. Lu Xuan said lightly. Certain Lu Xuan stepped heavily and walked toward the depths of the dark road without looking back. While Lu Xuan was heading for the "hinterland" of the alien queen, a group of uninvited guests also entered the "habitat" of the alien queen. jecatrims.com
  7. The Twilight Saga

    No, it's just me. And I can't hear anyone's heart anywhere. I have to get pretty close. The more familiar you are with someone's.. 'Voices', the further away I can hear them. But never more than a few miles away. He stopped to think. It's like being in a huge packed auditorium where everyone is talking at the same time. It was just a buzz — a background buzz. It's not until I focus my attention on a certain sound that what they're thinking becomes clear. "Most of the time I keep them out of my ears-it's so annoying.". "And it makes me seem more normal" — he frowns as he says this — "so I won't be surprised to answer someone's unspoken question." "Why do you think you can't hear my heart?" I asked curiously. He looked at me with an incredible look in his eyes. I don't know He murmured. My only guess is that maybe your brain works differently than everyone else's. It's like your mind is on the AM channel, and I can only get FM. He grinned at me and suddenly quipped. I'm not in my right mind? I'm a freak? Those words bothered me more than expected-perhaps because he was right on the mark with his speculation. I often doubt this, and when it is confirmed, I am embarrassed. I can hear voices in my head,metal trim manufacturers, and you're worried that you're a freak. He laughed. Don't worry, it's just a theory. His face tightened. Now let's get back to your theory. I sighed. Where to start? "We shouldn't run away now, should we?" He gently reminded me. For the first time,stainless steel tile edge trim, I looked away from his face and searched for the right words to express it. I accidentally noticed the speedometer. My God! I called out. Slow down! "What's the matter?" He was startled, but the car did not slow down. You're going a hundred miles an hour! I'm still yelling. I glanced out of the window in a panic, but it was too dark for me to see anything. Only a long stretch of the road, illuminated by the bluish light of the headlights, could be seen. The forests on both sides of the road are like two black walls-if we rush out of the road at this speed, china tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, they will be as strong as iron walls. Take it easy, Bella. He rolled his eyes, but still did not slow down. Are you trying to kill us? I asked. We're not going to crash. I tried to adjust my voice. Why are you in such a hurry? "I always drive so fast." He turned his head and smiled at me. You watch the road! "I've never had an accident, Bella — I haven't even had a ticket." He grinned and patted his forehead. Built-in radar detector. "Very interesting." I said angrily. Charlie's a cop, remember? I was brought up to obey the law. Plus, even if you turn us into Volvos on a tree trunk, you might still get away with it. "Maybe." He agreed with a short, forced laugh. But you can't. He sighed. I watched with relief as the needle drifted back to eighty miles. Happy? "Almost." "I don't like to drive slowly." He complained. Is that called slow? "As far as my driving is concerned, it's quite pertinent." He suddenly changed the subject. I'm waiting to hear your latest theory. I bit my lip. He looked down at me with a sugary look in his eyes that was strangely gentle. I won't laugh. He promised. I'm more afraid you'll be angry with me. "Is it that bad?" "Yes, it's quite serious." He waited. I buried my head in my hands so I couldn't see his expression. Go on. His voice was calm. I don't know where to begin. I confessed. Why not start from the beginning. You said you didn't come up with it on your own. "No." "Where did you start-a book?"? A movie? He said tentatively. No — it was Saturday, on the beach. I ventured a glance at his face. He looks confused. "I happened to meet a family friend, Jacob."? Blake 。” I continued. His father and Charlie have been old friends since I was a baby. He still looked confused. His father was one of the elders of the Quileutes. I watched him warily. His puzzled expression immediately froze on his face. We took a walk together- "I took out the part of the story about my plot"-and he told me some old legends-just to frighten me, I thought. He told me a.. I hesitated. Continue He said The legend of the vampire. I realized I was whispering. Now I can't look at his face anymore. But I saw his knuckles tightening in spasms as he gripped the steering wheel. And you immediately thought of me? It's still calm. Nope. He Mentioned your family. He was silent, just looking at the road. I was suddenly worried, worried about trying to protect Jacob. He just thought it was a stupid superstition. I said quickly. He didn't expect me to take any of it seriously. That doesn't seem to be enough. I had to admit, "It's all my fault. I forced him to tell me." "Why?" "Lauren said something about you — she was trying to provoke me.". Then one of the older boys from the tribe said that your family wasn't coming to the reservation, but it sounded like he was implying something else. So I asked Jacob out alone and coaxed him into saying it. I hung my head and admitted. He burst out laughing,stainless steel edging strip, which startled me. I looked up at him. He laughed, but his eyes were wild, and he looked straight ahead. How did you trick him? He asked. jecatrims.com
  8. Zhang Juzheng

    Enjoy the leisure, go out to have the Zen guest book boy, enter the house to have the delicacies beautiful concubine. Playing the piano to the moon, sweeping the snow and cooking tea, dividing the rhyme of celebrities, and drinking with beautiful women should be said to be the first pleasure in the world. But the officialdom, in addition to the white hair urges people to have no hope of promotion, or the disease is depressed, ordinary people, who do not want to rush to the future. In the spare time of official business, you can play as much as you like. On the other hand, if an official doesn't get a fat job, how can he have the capital to have fun. For this reason, most of the officials in the Nanking government sharpened their heads and tried their best to curry favor with the powerful ministers in the Beijing government in order to have someone to speak for them during the examination. As the saying goes, it is good to be an official in the court, and if there is someone behind the chair, there will be no time to worry about the change of fortune and promotion. Hu Zigao, who now walks into the Yicui Building, is just such a person. Tonight, he is going to invite a man named Xu Jue from the capital to eat flower wine here. Hu Zigao is currently the head of the Ministry of Works in Nanjing. He was a Jinshi in the thirty-fifth year of Jiajing. He was lucky enough to be appointed ambassador of the Ministry of the Interior as soon as he entered the official career. Don't look down upon this Fucang ambassador, although the rank is only nine grades, it is a big fat job. Generally speaking, all national expenses, such as silver goods in Yongan Nanyi and other States, amber, Baoyu and ivory in Yunnan Dadian and other States, Linglingxiang in Yongzhou, Chenxiang and Huoxiang in Guangzhou Prefecture, Shilu in Runliu Eheng and other prefectures,Ceramic Bobbin, cinnabar in Chenxi Prefecture, white powder in Nanzhou, realgar in Yanzhou, yellow and white hemp paper in Yizhou, Xuan paper in Xuanqu and other prefectures, 100-day oil thin white paper in Puzhou, rabbit skin Beaver skins from Jinfen and other prefectures, bamboo tubes from Yuezhou, candles from Jingzhou, felts from Zhengzhou, glue from Dengzhou, mats from Guozhou, hemp from the prefecture, and all the precious things of gold, jade, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic igniter electrodes, pearls and shellfish offered by the four sides had to be checked and accepted by him, the ambassador of the carrier warehouse. He said that if the goods paid by various places were qualified, nothing would happen. If he is choosy and wants to find the smell in the eggs, you will not be able to deliver the goods. It should be noted that the head of a state, in addition to the duty of defending the land and pacifying the people, the first heavy responsibility is to pay the local treasures to the court every year according to the regulations. Once these goods can not be paid in full according to the quality, it is tantamount to disobeying the king's orders, do you still wear the black gauze cap on your head? Therefore, in order to hand over the goods for smooth acceptance, when the state capital comes to deliver the goods, it is necessary to prepare a generous gift in advance for the ambassador of the government warehouse. Hu Zigao worked in this fat job for several years, which was equivalent to opening a bank at home, and even the chamber pot for the solution was replaced by a silver one. If you have money on hand, you can take care of others. He spent a lot of money to greet the heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In the first year of the reign of Emperor Longqing, he was promoted to the post of judge of the Salt Transport Department, which was another fat job. But the weather is unpredictable, just when Hu Zigao's official fortune is prosperous, he did not expect his mother to die of illness. According to the law laid down by Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, when his parents died, officials had to leave their posts and return to their hometown for three years. Hu Zigao returned to the countryside to defend the system. After three years, he returned to the capital and went to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to wait for his reinstatement. Unexpectedly, at this time, the county magistrate of his hometown played a book for him, saying that he had violated the law of heaven when he kept the system, and that he had drunk with the children of the clan and had a concubine. If you don't observe filial piety like this, how can you be reinstated? This is really a disaster from heaven, but the responsibility is still on Hu Zigao himself. Relying on the fact that he was an official in the capital and had plenty of money, he returned to his hometown to guard the system, completely ignoring the county magistrate. He did not take the initiative to visit the county government office, not to mention, the county master came to see him, he actually scolded the county master in front of the clansmen. Not afraid of the enemy, but afraid of the enemy. Therefore, when he returned to the capital, the county magistrate played such a book. In the Ming Dynasty, which ruled the world with filial piety, this was a heinous thing. With such a disaster in the air, Hu Zigao had no choice but to admit his bad luck. At the time of the accident, the head of the cabinet was Gao Gong. At the same time, Gao Gong was also the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and his power had reached the point of covering up the sky. Hu Zigao was also a master who was very good at making money. He was entrusted by others, and he was entrusted by others. He actually met a person called Shao Daxia. Master Shao is neither an official nor a scholar, neither a scholar nor a businessman. I don't know why, but he has a deep friendship with Gao Beard. He gave Master Shao a generous gift of ten thousand taels of silver, and Master Shao did it for him. Not only as usual, but also from the sixth grade to the sixth grade. Only the position was moved, from the judge of the Salt Transport Department to the head of the Ministry of Works in Nanjing. Although the official has been promoted,10g Ozone Generator, he is an idle official who is clear to the end. Where can Hu Zigao eat this? In the first year of his term of office, he went to the Ministry to handle affairs only as a point, and devoted himself to fawning on the powerful officials in the capital. global-ceramics.com
  9. Green plum with honey juice

    The car did not turn on the stereo, Cen Man's voice was not loud, but Yu Xiuyuan still heard it. He slowed down a little, and his tone was a little discontented. "Aren't we talking?" Cen Man turned to look at the window, learned the lesson of the last time, she decided to ignore Yu Xiuyuan, as long as she did not open her mouth, he should take his own way. Yu Xiuyuan really can't do anything about her. Think of Zhou Rui not only let their own cousin dead set, but also let Cen Man also spring heart, he could not help but ask: "Zhou Rui in the end where good?" In fact, Cen Man did not feel that Zhou Rui had such a good idea, she just envied him and Yu Shuying that kind of small love in life, simple, is enough for her to yearn for. Instead of explaining, she answered his question: "Everything is very good, gentle, considerate, knowledgeable, tasteful, and even can make desserts and bake cakes, how can I not meet such a good man.." She spoke slowly, but Yu Xiuyuan, who was sitting in the driver's seat,Alumina Ceramic C795, did not say a word until he returned to his apartment. Cen Man is also calm, Yu Xiuyuan does not speak, she does not speak. She drank a cup of cold water and went back to her room. After washing, she turned off the light and went to bed to make up for the night she had stayed up last night. Recently, the weather has gradually become hot, Cen Man changed into a cotton nightdress, even the thin quilt is too lazy to cover. When she was half asleep and half awake, she suddenly felt hot all over, as if she had been burned by a red-hot iron. She twisted her body uncomfortably,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but obviously felt that her waist was being hooped by an overbearing arm. Most of her heavy sleepiness was driven away. She tried to shake off the man who disturbed her sleep. Her voice was vague: "Yu Xiuyuan, what are you doing here again?" Yu Xiuyuan held her in his arms, and his hot lips swam back and forth between her neck, sometimes rubbing and sometimes kissing. His voice was equally vague: "I was so angry with you that I couldn't sleep. Of course, I was looking for you to settle accounts." Cen Man naturally understood what Yu Xiuyuan was referring to, and she firmly refused to admit: "Who made you angry?"? You asked me on your own initiative. Yu Xiuyuan does not pursue this temporarily, he asks again: "How do you say to want to fall in love to return a responsibility?" Rushing to send Cen Man back to work this morning, Yu Xiuyuan didn't even have time to shave off his stubble. It didn't look obvious to the naked eye, but it still stuck on the delicate skin of the back of his neck. Cen Man stretched out his hand to push him and complained delicately, "Don't prick me with your stubble!" Hearing this, Yu Xiuyuan deliberately rubbed his chin against her. She was ticklish. She smiled and shrank her neck to dodge. He refused to let her go easily. He asked again, "Are you in love with me?" After such a movement, Cen Man's nightdress skirt has been rolled up to the root of the thigh, only to cover the small underwear with lace edges. She pulled her nightdress down with difficulty, but Yu Xiuyuan thought she was playing tricks. He pulled her hand back decisively, only to lift the hem to her waist by mistake. The legs exposed to the air were chilly. Cen Man arched his waist to hide the spring scenery. At the same time, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, he scolded: "Hooligan!" As soon as the voice fell, Cen Man heard the man lying behind him breathing a little confused. She turned her back to Yu Xiuyuan, who was supposed to see nothing, but his palm touched something that did not change. She had expected him to withdraw his hand as usual and keep a proper distance from herself, but this time, he did not retreat at all, his hand instinctively moved up the skirt, slipped over the slender waist, flat abdomen, and finally stopped at the soft of her chest. Having known Yu Xiuyuan for so long, Cen Man had never seen him so out of control. She hurriedly stopped his movement, but his attitude was firm, and her strength could not make any change at all. His hands were hot, touching her cool skin, and the huge temperature difference made her gasp. The broad palm had a thin layer of cocoon, and Cen Man was numbed all over by him, and his back was gradually sweating. At a loss, she could only grab his hand and say, "No …" He still clenched his palms and kneaded Cen Man's chest slowly. It felt surprisingly good, and he seemed to be addicted, and the strength was a little out of control. She bit her lip, and he took the opportunity to ask her, "Will you take me home for dinner next month?" Cen Man shook his head first, then nodded vigorously. Yu Xiuyuan was very satisfied and then asked, "Do you dare to break up?" "I dare not." Cen Man was almost mad by him, and even if he asked her to promise something, she would not refuse. Cen Man is not plump, but wins in the chest shape to be beautiful, Yu Xiuyuan is not satisfied to withdraw the hand: "early this is not all happy?" Leaving Yu Xiuyuan's imprisonment, Cen Man, who became angry from embarrassment, immediately shrank to the bedside. Before she could breathe, she said, "Take advantage of the situation!" Yu Xiuyuan is silent. Cen Man says indignantly again: "Still use force to solve a problem!" Still use force to solve a problem! Yu Xiuyuan's mouth sank and he pinched her waist and pulled her to himself. The only distance left between them was gone, and the two bodies, which overlapped intimately, exchanged each other's body temperature: "I'm not serious yet, would you like to try again?" Cen Man shook his head in fear, or spit out the two words: "Don't.." Feeling that she was trembling slightly, his movements stopped, but he still said, "Now I know how to beg for mercy. How can I be so tough when I am angry?" Cen Man did not dare to move, confirmed that Yu Xiuyuan had no further action, and then she opened her mouth: "Are you justified in bullying people?" As soon as Yu Xiuyuan heard this, he opened his mouth and bit down on the back of her neck. She was in pain and said bitterly, "It's bleeding from biting so hard!" "It's good to bleed. How can you remember if you don't bleed?" Yu Xiuyuan said fiercely. She is more hidden bitterness: "If leave scar how to do?" Yu Xiuyuan does not know whether to laugh or cry, he says: "The skin did not bite broken, what scar to leave!" Cen Manwei groveled "Oh," and finally dared not speak out, shrinking his head motionless. After a while, she tentatively moved her body,ceramic bobbin heater core, but before she turned over, Yu Xiuyuan drank low: "Don't move, sleep!" Chapter 29 small days (2). global-ceramics.com
  10. Lingshan

    Although Mei Zhenyi has not been an immortal for a long time, his experience and achievements are far beyond the reach of ordinary immortals. Apart from anything else, he only talks about three things: carrying the precepts of killing and robbing, spreading them in the world of mortals, leading a group of golden immortals and Bodhisattvas into the Kingdom of Heaven to retrieve the Buddha's heart relic, and taking a brick out of the world with the immortal King Zunming. Although it is exaggerated, but the fact is true, the general immortals do not even dare to think about it. For a person like him, what he needs most now is to decline the disturbance and realize the way of heaven in seclusion, in order to achieve the same result of cultivation. He has this opportunity to stop, but he has not yet reached the realm of cultivation. Zhong Liquan punished him to retreat, no matter from all aspects is the best time, Mei Zhenyi to retreat into the deep calm, not just hiding in the mountains do not see outsiders. Before the formal retreat, he called Liu Hai, gave him a drawing and explained one thing, to carry out a "project" in Wuzhou. The scale of this project is not large, the location is outside the backyard of Jingwu Villa, and the disciples are ordered to dig a hole. The pit is semicircular, with the straight side facing south, flush with the wall of the backyard of Jingwu Villa, and the round side facing north. The circle has a diameter of seven Zhangs and a depth of ten Zhangs. This pit is not big, but the difficulty of digging it is quite high. It is impossible for the disciples of Qingyi Sanshan to use the magic power of the immortal family to attract the spirit of the dragon vein. Xu Demon King,ceramic bobbin heater, a true immortal, needs him and Xiao Demon King to take turns to help. Once the excavation can not stop day and night, no matter how long it takes to complete at one go, the disciples in the mountains need to take turns. Dig first and then build. Large stone strips are used to build the edge of the pit. One disciple builds the stone and casts a spell to lock the earth gas from the immortal family at the same time. The other disciple uses the magic power to disturb it. If the earth gas can move, the disciple who builds the stone will be punished. If the earth gas can not move, the disciple who pushes the stone will be punished. Punishment is not heavy, back to the mountain retreat for three days, a good reflection on the inadequacy of the operation of magic. In the three mountains of Qingyi,7g Ozone Generator, there are the above disciples, who are divided into seven classes and two groups in each class. One shift a day will dig the hole in turn until it is completed. In this way of construction, the construction period of a small pit will be quite long. What's the use of it? Mei Zhenyi didn't say much. He only asked Liu Hai to tell his disciples that this was a rare opportunity to experience. Under the protection of the two immortals day and night, he tested the operation of his magic power. Where could he find such a good chance to practice? Only Mei Zhenyi knew in his heart that this was an attempt to break the geomantic omen laid by Shanwuwei. At the end of the air dragon vein in Jiulian Mountain, at the front of the "dragon spitting beads", a pattern of "dragon fetching water" was chiseled. In this way, although the two pagodas in front of Qingjiao Temple locked the shoulders of the dragon. But the operation of the Earth-Qi Miraculous Pivot is not stagnant. The "dragon ball" huff and puff as usual, so that the "permanent Bureau of immovable rivers and mountains in all directions" can never take shape. The shape of this pit is only a "false Bureau". Still need the means of the last point of sunshine, this geomantic Bureau is embedded in the dragon vein of Jiulianshan. Only in this way can it become a "real situation". Specific how to do is not entirely the size of the problem, Mei Zhenyi has not thought of a better means, first dig the hole into a "false Bureau" to say again. After explaining this matter, he said hello to the elders in the mountains before the retreat, saw Mei Yi, and then explained all kinds of things with Tiliuzhuan, Gu'er, Sui'er and others, ceramic welding tape ,Kamado bbq grill, and finally went to see Princess Yuzhen. This retreat is completely undisturbed, the location is in the stone niche behind the main hall on Fangzheng Peak, not to mention that outsiders will not even meet their families, the time to leave the pass should be at least a year before the two factions of Qingcheng and Guyun fight swords. Unlike others in the mountains, Princess Yuzhen is the only ordinary person who does not have the power to practice. With Mei Zhenyi for so many years, she felt very happy, almost nothing to be picky about, the only regret is that there is often a period of time not to see Lang Jun. But think of the world of those officials, the general of the war, the merchants of the journey, jade really feel nothing, not to mention Mei Zhenyi has immortal fun, since came to his side, jade really has not changed, as if the state of mind is also maintained in the young age. Mei Zhenyi came to the princess room, first chatted a few words about his son's situation, this month was grounded to go out, jade really want to see his son can go to Jingwu Villa. He also mentioned that he was going to spend a year in seclusion. He was somewhat apologetic in his words. Yu Zhenwen said, "You are already an immortal. You should practice in an immortal family. Being accompanied by you in the mountains has already enabled me to enjoy this lifetime of immortality. Why should Mei Lang apologize?" The two of them said a few more private words, and Yuzhen jokingly said, "You have been practicing for decades before you become an immortal. And since I met you, I feel that I have been immortal. Life is short, and there is no trace of time." Mei Zhenyi said, "I can't help you live forever, but I can do this for you with my ability." Yu Zhen: "Since you have such great magical powers, if this means is popularized in the world, won't all the women in the world jump for joy?" Mei Zhenyi smiled and said, "I can do it for you alone. Others only wait for others. The classics of Tao can be spread all over the world, but the cultivation of Tao is a cautious and independent practice." Well, what kind of mirror is this? Yuzhen: "Last month, I sent it to Wuzhou in the middle of the lunar year. I gave some of it to the underground people of Yuzhen Temple. The rest of the things were put in the temple. There was only one silver bronze mirror that was interesting to immortals. So I brought it into the mountain. It was this mirror of the four gods and twelve zodiac signs." On the dressing table of Princess Yuzhen, there is a brand-new mirror, about the size of a dinner plate, made of bronze and silver, with a button in the middle of the back. The inner circle casts the totem of four gods and beasts, namely, blue dragon, white tiger, rosefinch and basalt, according to the orientation, symbolizing the phenological tour of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The outer circle is decorated with twelve zodiac relief statues, which are exquisite and unusual. Mei Zhenyi picked it up, played it thoughtfully, and did not put it down for a long time. Yu Zhen said curiously, "Mei Lang has become an immortal. How can he still be interested in this vulgar thing, not to mention a thing from his daughter's boudoir?" Mei Zhenyi shook his head and said, "It can't be said to be vulgar. When I saw it, I remembered a magic weapon." Yuzhen: "What kind of magic weapon?" Mei Zhenyi said, "It hasn't been formed yet,cordierite c520, and I can't even refine it with my strength, but this mirror of the four gods and the twelve zodiac signs has made me realize something." Yuzhen said with a smile, "It's true that people who have heard of the Tao have come to realize everything. You can take it and watch it carefully." 。 global-ceramics.com
  11. I had only heard some rumors about the Kongkong Sect before, and I knew that this unknown small sect was not simple. But I didn't expect that even the strong people in the imperial realm had suffered losses in their hands! It's chilling. Taotie swooped down from high altitude. The five strong men of the Demon Sect suddenly felt a strong breath of oppression, which made them hold their breath. The shadow of death hangs over us. The hearts of the five men suddenly sank. Up to now, we have to fight! The magic flame on Wu Tian's body beats. Then turned to the ghost emperor, "ghost emperor!"! How long can the ghost fire hold out? "One stick of incense at most.". That's the limit. The ghost emperor answered. Hearing this, the five of them looked at each other and said, "a wick of incense is a little short, but it's enough." "Ghost Emperor!"! Next, you try your best to maintain the ghost fire and resist the golden flame of the Great Sun. We'll take care of that guy. Although I don't want to use that trick, there is no way. Only by destroying Taotie can we survive. "Otherwise, it would be too unfair to fall here." Wudao said and looked at Wutian. Wu Tian immediately understood. Almost at the same time, Wu Dao and Wu Tian formed a strange seal. The black flame on Wu Dao disappeared in an instant, the black gas converged, and the whole person's skin became pale as powder. Wu Tian's figure became thicker and more illusory, and his whole body was as dark as ink. From a distance, two people seem to be black and white impermanence. It's just that the two have just changed, and then they start to melt like ice and snow. Melting at the same time, the two black and white gas entanglement, unexpectedly fast fusion together. Not long after, The two brothers merged into one and became a strange existence with a pale left body and a dark right body! "Yakuza devils!" The ghost emperor exclaimed. For a time, the five people who had been desperate rekindled hope in their hearts. Yakuza Tianmo,steatite c221, the supreme state of Tianmo clan. When performing, two people are required to perform at the same time, merge into one, and achieve the Yakuza Demon. The power crosses the peak of the imperial realm. Reach the divine realm. Two people who perform the Yakuza Demon, one practices the Yakuza, one practices the Demon, the two must work together,ceramic bobbin element, one is fast and one is slow, which will eventually lead to failure. It is extremely difficult to practice. Now the fusion of heaven and Tao is not complete, it can only be regarded as a semi-finished product. So for them, there is a great risk to use it now, and a little carelessness will be beyond redemption. They would not have taken such a risk if it had not been a matter of life and death. The stiff ancestor looked at the Yakuza devils. His face changed. "In that case," he said, "I have nothing to hide." Words fall, a pair of general armor, a broadsword in hand, stiff ancestor unexpectedly turned into a ten thousand stiff general! Magnificent! Blood Emperor's whole body blood gas surges, suddenly that body blood which is composed of blood gas boils crazily. Then, my blood emperor, lay down his life to accompany the gentleman! "Boiling Demon Body!" A magic roar soared into the sky. Suddenly thousands of blood gushed out under the ground, toward the blood emperor, strengthening his body strength, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, momentum climbing, and finally approaching the divine realm. At the moment of life and death, the top five of the Demon Sect all used their strongest means to save their lives and fought with their backs to the wall. The ghost emperor looked awestruck. "Don't worry!"! Even if it burns the soul, I will maintain the ghost fire and help you fight! For a time, the five people were surprisingly United. War!! Kill!!! Yakuza devils, ten thousand stiff general, boiling blood emperor, at the same time burst out monstrous war! At the same time, they attacked and killed Taotie. Thousands of troops, only I have no boundaries! Ten thousand stiff general broadsword cut, the whole world was torn in half in an instant! A space crack that runs straight through the sky expands rapidly, and thousands of powerful zombies surge out, like a majestic army, flooding gluttony like the tide, attacking and killing crazily. Roar! Gluttonous roars, big sun golden flame towering, instantly burning thousands of zombies to ashes. And at this time the stiff general broadsword cut down! Chop on the hard skull of Taotie with a bang. At that moment, the broadsword was broken into pieces, and the stiff general was shaken upside down and flew out, while the gluttonous head was also cracked with a scratch. For the first time, Taotie is injured. Seeing this scene, the confidence of the Yakuza Tianmo and the Boiling Blood Emperor was doubled. The Yakuza Tianmo held the sword in his right hand and the battle halberd in his left hand. Yakuza Demon Kill! The Yakuza Demon threw the Demon Heaven War Halberd in an instant, and immediately the Demon Heaven War Halberd exploded like a sharp arrow at Taotie. At the same time, the Yakuza devils suddenly disappeared in place. When it reappears, Has reached the top of Taotie's head. He looked at Yang Nian with a ferocious smile, "kid!"! Go to hell With a wave of his big hand, a force beyond the realm of the emperor burst in. Yang Nian almost saw death at that moment! But at the critical moment, a golden light enveloped Yang Nian. Boom! Even with the protection of the golden light, Yang Nian was still blown away by the fierce force, like a cannonball, away from the gluttonous, crashing to the ground. He smashed a huge pit on the ground and vomited blood. The Yakuza devils paid no more attention to Yang Nian, but thrust down with a big sword. Boom! A black and white beam of light burst out of the sword and hit the hard skull of Taotie. Card wipe. Just listen to a crisp sound, gluttonous skull broken, the sword is submerged in the bloody skeleton. Roar! Taotie roared angrily, the huge dragon body moved restlessly, and the head went on a rampage, trying to throw down the Yakuza devils. However, the Yakuza devils clung to him. I can't get rid of it. The big sword slashes down in a mad rage. With each collision, a crack appeared in Taotie's skeleton. Taotie urged the golden flame of the Great Sun to the extreme. Although it can erode the extremely dark ghost fire, but the speed is extremely slow, can not quickly break the protection of the ghost fire to the five people of the Demon Sect. So Taotie transferred the flames of war and decided to take the lead in solving the ghost emperor! The dragon swooped down, At this time, however, the boiling blood emperor suddenly stood in front of the ghost emperor. Big guy! You can't hurt her! "The tide of blood!" The Emperor of Boiling Blood opened his arms and danced wildly. Suddenly, endless blood gushed out between heaven and earth,alumina c799, just like the sea, which drowned the gluttony. The blood is boiling. The golden flame of the Great Sun quickly evaporated it, and for a time the world was covered with blood. global-ceramics.com