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Can't select other promotion badge (bug?)

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Badges for promoting orange equipment into a special red set were released some time ago. Mage has Firestorm (changes Dragon Flame into Firestorm) and Sol's Wrath, and knight has Crack (changes Earthquake into Crack) and Shine Blade.

On both mage and knight, the promotion tab in blacksmith after selecting a weapon/armor/pendant/helmet it only shows Firestorm/Crack and will not let me change to Sol's Wrath/Shine Blade even when the badges are in my inventory. Today my knight managed to collect enough materials for promotion into either badge set, and it still didn't allow me to select Shine Blade. I upgraded into Crack and the lvl 60 weapon didn't come up in Promotion, and Upgrade simply turns it into its lvl 70 version.

I don't know whether this is a bug, an incomplete feature, or if I'm simply doing this wrong. This is a very important matter if you cannot change which badge set your equipment belongs to as it takes several months to get a single equipment to this point.

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