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Artifacts take too long to get?

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It's been a while since people could start getting artifact shards from the Exotic Lands. I have cleared the first 4 zones since then, yet despite blitzing for shards every day, I only have 63 Laevatain, 74 Zeus, and 33 Wand shards (trying to get Laevatain). To synthesize one, you need 200 shards, then 100 shards for each promotion.

I know it's probably designed for end-game content, the kind of content that single-handedly keeps you busy for months after you run out of ways to improve, but it really feels like it's taking too long to get anything at all out of it. Like, maybe take a month to synthesize, then upgrading takes absurdly long to finish (like astrals). Maybe the ability to convert Divine/Soul Stones into shards would be a good idea. I have just over 1067 of each and promotion just needs 1000 Soul Stones along with 100 shards, so I'll always have a large excess of Soul Stones unless I decide to promote multiple artifacts. I admit that that would be a bit fun to collect everything, but there should be some way to use or dispose of the stones some other way because you can't sell them, meaning they will eventually take up space in your inventory or guild vault if you're still blitzing every day for shards.

I'd like to know if others think they take too long or if it's an appropriate time to grind.

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